Footwear Friday – Week 1

So in my time off, I had a good think about the type of content I wanted to include going forward. Right from the get go I was pretty adamant I wanted to include some sort of footwear segment. Trainers / Sneakers, whatever you wish to call them, are a true passion of mine. Whilst I’ve only been collecting since late 2016. I feel I’ve built up quite the selection already.

So without further a due I present to you week 1 of ‘Footwear Friday’.

Puma by Rihanna Fenty Bow Sneakers in Sweet Lavender

Absolutely stunning right? Since RiRi hooked up with Puma they’ve constantly been producing knock out (and sell out) products. There’s no denying the popularity of Puma as a brand overall, has sky rocketed.

Part of Rihanna’s 2017 and second collab with them. Fenty fans knew to expect the Creepers and the Slides. These beauties however, are something a little different….actual sneakers.

Satin and bows feature heavily throughout the whole collection. Clothing, bags, hats. The slides, that may feature in a different ‘Footwear Friday’ are one of the most affordable and wearable items the bow is the main focal point of. 

Back to these though… A true statement piece I’m truly glad to have these in my collection. A true head turner and an almost certain way to grab those Instagram likes. Check out my Instagram here 

Their only downfall?? They’re so damn impractical. I live in Cornwall and there’s absolutely NO WAY these will survive the sandy beaches and muddy countryside. I’m not even going to try them. Satin and the rain don’t particularly go either unfortunately..Living in the U.K. we aren’t often blessed with sunny days.

So as beautiful as these are they’ll be staying in their box for now. Thankfully Fenty always pack their products amazingly and also include a dust bag.

I don’t regret buying them at all. They just aren’t an everyday type of shoe, at least not where I live.

Thoughts? Let me know 🙂

Charlotte xxx

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