A Special Day !

So today as I write this, I’m very happy to say I’m officially three years sober.


When I tell people I don’t drink I usually get a look that I can only assume is similar to the one I’d get if I had two heads. 

I also get a lot of “but why?” type questions.

“Just a small one won’t hurt”

“You’re too young to have given up alcohol”

“But what do you do for fun?”

“Are you pregnant?” …Nope just fat 😉 

Why I gave up drinking isn’t really important. However what is important, is telling people who don’t drink, or who may be thinking of giving up, that it’s totally ok to turn up at a social event and just drink soft drinks. That you shouldn’t feel pressured into drinking because all your friends are and that it is possible to have fun without the awful hangover the next day.

Yes peer pressure is still a thing even as an adult.

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Love Charlotte


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