A long way off perfect teeth

I have really bad teeth and that’s no secret.It’s the number one thing people comment on in livestreams. No matter how many times I ask people nicely not to mention it, the YouTube comment section will anyway. It’s embarrassing to be honest, and if I could magically fix them over night I would.

Long story short, my rubbish teeth are a side effect of years of opiate use. No one ever mentioned how badly they could be affected by the heavy use of painkillers.

I’ve been documenting my journey of getting my teeth fixed right from the beginning and it definitely hasn’t been easy, cheap or pain free. I really wish it was though.

Every social media influencer out there seems to have promoted a teeth whitening kit at some point. If it’s not that then it’s clip on veneers. 80% of the people promoting these products have a perfect smile in the first place. I’m a long way off finishing my perfect smile journey that’s for sure. However I really wanted to share a couple of things that have really helped me to see an improvement lately.

So I bought this toothbrush a few months ago and for me personally it was a total game changer. First of all as far as electric toothbrushes go it’s a bargain. It’s RRP is £89.99 but Boots often have great deals and sales on electricals, so in the end I paid £59.99. I’m aware that’s not cheap, but a good toothbrush can cost you £100+

I love the different heads as it allows you to get right in between the teeth where all that nasty plaque normally builds up. The thing that’s made the most difference to me personally is the fact it has three different modes. Normal, sensitive and pulse. When I first started this journey I found brushing quite painful, especially around the gums. Starting on sensitive mode really helped. I’ve heard a few people say they’ve given up on their perfect smile journey purely because they can’t get past the good brushing stage, as it’s just too sore.

The timer is also a good feature, as instead of purely beeping at two minutes like a lot of brushes. It beeps in thirty second intervals to let you know when to move to another quarter of your mouth. At least now I know all of my teeth are getting an equal clean.

So finding these gems were totally by chance. In that my usual toothpaste was sold out and I decided to give these a go.

One is a regular toothpaste so not too much I need to say about it. The other a whitening accelerator which I use twice a day for two minutes, directly after using my toothpaste. The difference was noticeable within three days.

I honestly can’t see myself going back to my old toothpaste. I could barely believe how much my teeth had improved and so quickly.

Like I said, my teeth are a long way off being perfect and it’s going to be many more hours in the dentist chair before they are. At least now though I know they’re getting a good clean and being looked after the best I can. I won’t be flashing a smile at everyone quite yet, but I do feel a lot happier with them.

No Instagram model endorsed gels and lights needed.

Charlotte xxx

One thought on “A long way off perfect teeth

  1. Electric toothbrush…I first made fun of my partner for using one, “why do you need something so fancy?!”. Then he bought me one, and now he’s having the last laugh. I’ll never go back to a normal toothbrush again; I never knew how clean teeth could feel!


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