Accept – Adapt – Achieve

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Being ill is hard. When it first happens, you spend ages searching for a diagnosis and furthermore a cure. People send well wishes and hope you get better…
But what about when ‘getting better’ isn’t gonna happen?

In a strange way it’s a lot like when someone dies. You go through all these stages of grieving the ‘old you’. The you before the illness took hold. Oh and then you’re just expected to get in with things.

The truth is, at least in my experience, you never really stop grieving. Life gets easier for sure, yet every now and then something will happen that makes you want to practically beg and bargain for your health again.

Acceptance of your condition is the first step to rebuilding a decent quality of life again. It’s not until you’ve truely accepted your limitations that you can learn to adapt and therefore achieve.

Its so important to know. YOU CAN STILL ACHIEVE !!  It may be take you longer. It may be different to how you planned. IT CAN STILL BE DONE !!

I’ve noticed some of my chronic illness friends are some of the most laid back, creative, go with the flow kinda people. It’s because they’re so used to adapting.


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Love Charlotte xxx

One thought on “Accept – Adapt – Achieve

  1. So true, chronic illness is a sink or swim, defining situation. I cut myself some slack when I realized I’m still grieving the loss of my mom and that was 15 years ago. We have to be so very strong for ourselves but also for those around us. I think well people forget we are always a little bit grieving and how strong we are for smiling through it all anyway. 🌸

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