Lady Gagas Diagnosis

Big news in celeb health over the last week. No not Selena Gomez and her new kidney (although that’s pretty big too). Pop superstar Lady Gaga has spoken out and publicly confirmed her chronic pain struggle and diagnosis of fibromyalgia.

But why should we care?

I’m gonna be totally honest and admit that whilst I like her music, I’m not exactly a super fan. Yeah sure, she’s talented and spreads a good message of how important it is to love yourself, but then so do so many others. But how many pop superstars can you name that fight chronic pain on the daily? and publicly ?

I was only 18 when diagnosed with fibromyalgia. I grieved for my future, all the success I felt I could no longer have. The opportunities pain would take away from me. There was no one to look up too, no role model to say that that wasn’t the case. I wish I’d known about Lady Gaga back then. Finally someone young and relatable is shining a light on the struggle that thousands of people deal with, day in, day out. Finally there’s someone publically proving that a diagnosis of chronic pain isn’t the end. A fulfilling life of success and happiness IS possible !!

I really think the sharing of her story is a great thing for our community, especially younger sufferers amongst us. 

The world is now talking about a condition that’s largely unknown by the greater public. Even if Lady Gaga is not exactly your idea of a great role model. You can’t deny the awareness she’s bought to the issues of chronic pain / fibro and the importance of it.

I mean isn’t that exactly why so many of us share our stories on social media or blog? To raise awareness?

Maybe this is a turning point for how the world views these illnesses, maybe not…. At least now we can all say we’re in good company. I can imagine it now…

“Fibromyalgia isn’t real”

“Lady Gaga has it so it must be real” 😛

What do you think? Feel free to let me know. 

3 thoughts on “Lady Gagas Diagnosis

  1. Its a celebrity age, where sadly celebs are listened to more than experts on so many issues. So good on Lady Gaga for using her (celeb) power in a good way. Especially to help young chronic illness suffers feel more worthy or positive about their potential. Nice work!


  2. I only knew about Lady Gaga having fibromyalgia as a friend of mine in Wales who has it text me to let me know . This wasn’t the biggest news ever but THIS WAS : Drs diagnosed Lady Gaga as have fibromyalgia which is a “musculoskeletal disease” . Yes . A DISEASE ! So after years of me suffering alone – other drs dismissing my symptoms for now it to be recognised as a DISEASE is huge – for all of us across the world . Before her Dr came out and said this it’s been “in your head .” I have lost count the amount of times I’ve been told by family members “ I thought you were better now – you don’t look ill .” Hoping her Drs write the paper on this disease . This is why it’s the biggest deal of all .


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