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Gymshark Flex VS Seamless – Blogtober #2

There are a million and one blog posts and YouTube videos about Gymshark products, all by people far more qualified than me. (I.e. Actual fitness gurus / bloggers)

Sometimes though, it’s nice to have the opinion of a regular joe. Something I really struggled to find when researching these holy grail leggings before purchase.

Gymshark are a brand celebrating their 5th birthday this year and incase you couldn’t work it out from the name, they specialise in gym wear. Instagram is full of the most gorgeous girls repping the brand and their most highly talked about leggings.

Are they really as great as all these fitness buffs make out? What if you aren’t in the gym everyday? 

I decided to bite the bullet and make a purchase.

The Gymshark flex leggings are one of Gymshark’s most popular products. They come in a variety of colours, of which I bought four. I had a few problems with shipping, that I want to put down / hope were due to the fact I purchased them on a restock / new release date. However when they arrived all was forgiven and it’s pretty easy to see why these are a cult favourite for so many.

The flex leggings do something that the majority of leggings on the market don’t. They contour your body shape. I should of really taken a picture of these on but didn’t get around to it. Trust me though, you don’t need to be a fitness guru to look in these. Thick, comfortable and fashionable, you can certainly get away with wearing these around town, round the house, anywhere you’d wear any other pair of leggings. Oh and of course they look great whilst working out. Get ready for that hot guy in the gym to notice you. 

Warning: Some shades are a little more squat proof than others.

At £32 they’re certainly up there, as far as leggings go. Would I buy them again?? Of course

Next I bought a pair of seamless leggings. A strong competitor for the flex. (Gymshark do sell other types of leggings. I’m just comparing the top two sellers)

Personally if you aren’t an avid gym goer and you’re just looking for an amazing pair of leggings to wear everyday. This is the type to go for. Yes the flex are great for everyday too but out of the two these are my favourite.

First off these have a more subtle contour. Certainly not as obvious as the flex, but it’s still there and making that ass pop. Whilst it still has the Gymshark logo present, it’s again not as obviously visible. The biggest difference between the two? The seamless are high waisted !!!

I find the high waisted point of these soooo much more flattering for my short assed, slightly chubby body shape. 

More expensive than the flex, retailing for £40, but depending on what you want them for (the gym or nah). They may just be saving up for. 

So yes.. I guess the hype is real. Why not get yourself a pair and join the Instagram trend too. They also sell matching sports bras.

Love Charlotte


Some images are my own, some are from the Gymshark website. 

One thought on “Gymshark Flex VS Seamless – Blogtober #2

  1. My friend has been usi GymShark for years and has met all the team etc . They sent her a special tshirt to say thanks for all her support . She LOVES their clothes too – really comfortable apparently. I love their style . Great to see someone else reviewing them too . Xoxo


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