The A – Z of Charlotte – Blogtober #4

Hey loves !! I really wanted to write something that allowed you all to get to know me a little better. Rather than just write a bunch of totally random facts. I’ve gone through the alphabet and produced a random fact relating to each letter.


A is for Allergies I’m allergic to quite a few different medications as well as Latex. Never ever make the mistake of using a latex condom and thinking “well it’s better than nothing” 🤔 Trust me no ones D is worth it.

B is for Brothers. Having grown up with two of them, I can say that brothers are those people you can’t live with and can’t live without.

C is for Cats. I’m just not a big fan. Sorry, I’ve tried but nope not for me. Never been a cat person, never will.

D is for Dad. My hero. A person I can rely on to be there no matter what. If I ever become half as much of an amazing parent as my dads been. I’ll be happy.

E is for Ex. Anyone else got an ex that you just wanna punch in the face.

F is for Friends. The family you choose for yourself

G is for Grandparents. Another source of unconditional love. Constant feeders and a good source of entertainment.

H is for Happiness. My main goal in life.

I is for Iphone. An item I couldn’t be without.

J is for Jaeger. The cause of many hangovers in my drinking days.

K is for Kindness. Something I try to be and that the world needs more of.

L is for Latte. My go to coffee.

M is for Money. Something I wish I had more of.

N is for Nephews and nieces. Who’d of thought you could love some mini humans so much.

O is for Oranges. I hate anything orange flavoured.

P is for Phish food. My favourite flavour of Ben & Jerrys 

Q is for Qualifications. I had to go back and do the adult equivalent of my GCSEs at 18. Everyone focuses so much on qualifications and whilst yes they’re important. I’ve managed pretty well without.

R is for Reality TV. My guilty binge watching pleasure.

S is for Sneakers. Trainers / Kicks. Whatever you call them, I’m obsessed and own over 70 pairs

T is for Tattoos. Another love of mine. My brothers and I even have matching ones.

U is for Under pressure. Something I feel regularly and that I’m sure a lot of others to.

V is for Vegetarian. I stopped eating meat at 15.

W is for Wisdom teeth. I had my wisdom teeth taken out in early 2017

X is for X-ray. I’ve had way too many of them.

Y is for Yoghurt. Of which my favourite are the muller corner Black Cherry.

Z is for Zoo. A place I love a good family day out at.
I hope you’re all enjoying blogtober so far.



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