20 Things I’ve learnt in my 20’s (So Far) – Blogtober #7

The title of this post is pretty self explanatory really. As we grow up we realise there’s certain things our parents were right about. Or certain life lessons that are far more valuable than any algebra class.

So without further a due I present to you twenty things I’ve learnt throughout my twenties. (So far, I mean I’m only 26)

  • Very few people actually know what they’re doing in life.
  • It’s fine to say no sometimes.
  • Most of the things you worried about as a teenager don’t matter anymore.
  • Giving feels just as good as receiving.
  • If it doesn’t make you happy or benefit you in some way. What’s the point?
  • You’ll never regret saving money.
  • All those times your parents lectured you on budgeting. You’ll wish you’d listened.
  • Being irresponsible is sometimes ok too.
  • You’ll realise all those times you hated your parents, they were doing what they thought was best.
  • Health and happiness are the most important things in life.
  • Balance is key.
  • Having a few close friends is better than having a load of rubbish ones.
  • Trust your gut instinct.
  • Actually giving up is sometimes ok.
  • Adulting is hard.
  • Life really is too short
  • Sleep is amazing. 
  • It’s not big or clever to drink or take drugs four times a week. The hangover / comedown isn’t worth it.
  • Self care is a must.
  • If you need help ask for it. No good will come of struggling alone.

The powerpuff girl pic has no relevance to the post whatsoever except as a child I watched them and in my twenties I turned myself into one.

Anything you’ve learnt that you wish to share?



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