Gym Twats – Blogtober #9

Bad Language ahead, you know, incase you didn’t work it out from the Title.

Yay I’ve almost made it into double figures in blogtober posts. Not a massive thing for many bloggers, but I’ve never been the best at regular uploads, scheduling etc. Since starting this new blog ( you can still view my ‘old’ one at I’ve found it near impossible to build an audience. I’m sure not many would admit it but it’s easy to feel discouraged from posting when you feel like no ones reading. Everyone has a reason for starting to blog and whilst 99% of people do it for themselves / a perfectly good reason. I’d be a liar if I said followers weren’t important.

Anyway, today’s post. Yep the title is kinda rude and straight to the point. Sorry not sorry. If you follow me on Instagram you’ll know I recently embarked on a fitness / weightloss journey. Now starting any sort of journey like this is difficult, more so if you’re struggling with a chronic illness like myself. Part of this journey has obviously involved exercise, in my case joining the gym. Now I’m sure many gym goers are already aware but if you’re not a gym goer, or just haven’t noticed, the gym is full of, well… twats. TWATS EVERYWHERE !!

So let me educate you on some of them. If your reading this and fall into one of these categories / do these things, maybe have a word with yourself. Please. Thankyou.

Judgy Twats

Hey I’m aware I’m not the slimist, fittest girl in the gym. I’m out of breath, dripping in sweat and might need to ask for help on how to work one of the machines. I’m trying though. We’ve all gotta start somewhere. Everyone was a beginner once. So stop judging that over weight person who’s only lifting a couple of kilos. They’re here trying to do something, trying to make a change. Honestly that’s more than those still sat at home on the sofa eating pizza.

Talkative Twats

Now this is personal preference. Some people like having a workout buddy to chat to. Not me though. I have headphones in. Take the hint, I don’t wanna chat thanks. 

Grunting Twats

Why the sound effects? We get it, you lift. (Another reason I wear headphones)

Untidy Twats

Hey, you know that rack you just got the dumbells off? The weights also fit back on that rack when you’ve finished. You know, where they belong. Mind blowing, I know. Who’d of thought? They don’t actually belong on the floor, scattered around the gym so that no one else can find them.

Sweaty Twats

I sweat A LOT !!  But I’m a nice considerate person, so when I drip sweat all over a machine, I wipe it off. So the next person doesn’t have to sit it in. If everyone else could do the same that’d be great.

Selfie Twats

Who doesn’t love a good gym selfie? I do. Are you actually going to use that though? Or just take pictures with it? When the gym is packed the last thing I have patience for is you hogging a machine for nothing else but Instagram likes. By all means if the gym is practically empty and there’s no one else waiting to use the equipment, go ahead. 

I promise I’ll use the word twat less in future posts, maybe.

Anything that annoys you at the gym? How’re you enjoying blogtober?

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2 thoughts on “Gym Twats – Blogtober #9

  1. I completely agree with like everything you said!!! I recently started going to the gym and I feel so judged and I hate it. I had to quit because I got shoulder surgery, but I’ll be back in action in the next few months! My gym has a policy where you have to wipe each equipment with a sanitary wipe, so I thankfully don’t gotta deal with someone else’s sweat!! I really enjoy your writing style! Keep going girl, don’t give up!! Numbers come with time 😊


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