YouTube Vs Livestreaming – Blogtober #11

Like many a blogger has done before and many will after, I’ve attempted to add vlogging / making videos to my forms of content. I think of bloggers as creators and don’t believe creators should be limited to expressing themselves in just one form.

For a good year or so I absolutely loved making YouTube videos. However YouTube is constantly changing, it’s not as easy to monetise your videos. More content is being flagged or deemed unsuitable for the silliest reasons. Getting viewers can be a mission. Basically the outcome isn’t always worth the effort that goes into creating the video in the first place.

Is YouTube all about money? No. In all honesty it never should be, but as I said before, you can’t deny that views and followers ARE important. If they aren’t there what’s the point?

Recently there’s been a big boom in live content. Wether on Instagram, Facebook or dedicated streaming sights such as Twitch & Younow. Switching to doing live streams, for me personally, was one of the best desicions I could of made.

No more hours spent editing away. No more lengthy set up process. Log on and your away. Sometimes, especially in the beginning it can feel a little awkward. You essentially have to feel comfortable to sit on camera and attempt to be mildly entertaining, with no option to go back and change anything. I’ve had streams where I know people are watching, but is anyone talking? Are they eck ? I’ve basically spent 45 mins to 1 hour rambling to myself. 

I love it though !! I’ve made great friends, the audience is there. I actually feel like people care about the content I put out. Not something I felt whilst uploading on YouTube.

Are YouTube and I over? Not yet. I’ll still upload every now and then. When there’s something I really have a passion for sharing. Though for now at least, Live streaming and I are fully committed.



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