F**k Off Friday – Blogtober #12

Strong language included in this post. You’ve been warned.

This post is going up a little later than normal because blogtober is hard ya’ll. like I could be organised and schedule posts but what am I? A blogger?

So today I thought I’d compile a list of things that can quite frankly just fuck off. The things I just don’t have time for / do my head in. Hopefully you’ll get some enjoyment from it. I’m taking petty to a new level.

The weather
. I just can’t. It’s changing every two seconds. Whilst in comparison to the rest of the world we’ve got it pretty easy in the UK, I can’t seem to dress for it. To step outside I need to wear like six layers, yet the minute I step inside anywhere, I need to practically strip naked or risk losing a good couple pounds in sweat. 

. This one could of been included in with my above rant on the weather but seriously guys and girls, umbrellas can be lethal. Some people should have to pass a test to be be able to use one. They just stroll along with their wacking great umbrella, taking up half the pavement with no fucks given about wether they’ve just smacked some poor sod in the face. Aslong as they’re nice and dry right? Ergh. Don’t get me started on those that feel the need to drag them round the shops dripping water everywhere. There’s an umbrella stand by the door. USE IT !!

Gym twats. I’ve got a whole other post on these delightful souls that you can read here

Hospital check in huns. The people on Facebook that check into the local ER / A&E department asking for your thoughts and prayers. These same people then offer absolutely no explaination for why they’re there. Check the comments and prepare yourself for all the ‘U OK Hun?’ messages. Course they’re ok, if they were dying or seriously injured they wouldn’t be focused on Facebook. I won’t be sending my thoughts and prayers for stepping on a lego for fucks sake.

The news. Now the news is important. Sometimes social media doesn’t tell you everything you need to know. Unfortunately though, it’s just so damn miserable. I propose they start having a good news section after they’ve talked about all the serious and depressing shit. Positive and happy stories that restore your faith in humanity and make your heart sing.

Fashion. Winter’s coming and whilst I get the aesthetic of cut out shoulders and elbows. It ain’t gonna keep me warm. Suspender / thong jeans ? Unless you mean opaque black leggings I ain’t interested. Oh and why do crop tops cost more than normal length tops? It’s less material. Fashion logic. A subject I could rant about for ages. 

This is only a short post. There’s honestly so many more thing I could rant about but I don’t have the time or energy to rant about them all.

Let me know about something that’s wound you up lately. Oh and if you like my content, why not give it a like or hit the follow button.



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