Livestreaming Tips – Blogtober #17

I’ve already spoken about my love of Livestreaming on plenty of occasions. Whilst I don’t have tons of followers I seem to regularly get asked if I have any tips for those who may just be starting out. 

Let me jump right in…

Be yourself. It’s fairly easy to spot those who are putting on an act. I’d much rather watch someone genuine over someone fake.

Enjoy yourself. Again it’s pretty easy to spot the broadcasters who really can’t be asked. If you aren’t enjoying it, chances are I won’t enjoy watching.

Gift. Gifting / tips show support for the broadcaster. I’m more likely to follow back or check out those who regularly support my own broadcasts.

Be consistent. Stream regularly. Let the audience get to know you, know roughly when to expect you online etc

Have patience. Just like blogging, YouTube, Instagram etc followers don’t magically appear over night. Have patience and give it time.

Engage. It drives me up the wall when streamers ignore their audience. Especially bigger broadcasters that do this. These people have made the effort to come in and hang out with you, the least you can do is say hi when they talk to you.

Be careful. Not everyone online is who they say they are and not everyone has good intentions. Be smart about what personal info you give out, be careful who you trust.

I hope this helps some of you who may be interested in starting to livestream. If you fancy following my broadcasts, scan the code below. I tend to broadcast at night, around midnight ish. (Insomniac problems)

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