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The Opiate Crisis, My Thoughts – Blogtober – #20

So this post my not be the most interesting or relavent to the majority of blogtober readers, however it’s something I’ve wanted to share my thoughts on for a while.

The opiate crisis is a BIG deal, especially for chronic pain patients. News articles are pumped out daily, it’s not a subject you can easily ignore. The majority of stories seem to be originating from the states, but from personal experience I can tell you lives world wide are being affected.  

Doctors and government agencies seem to have designed the narrative that opiates / narcotics are practically the devil. Endless statistics are being pushed onto the public about addiction, the fact that they aren’t effective, doctor shopping, overdose etc. A lot of the information out there seems biased. Nobodies speaking about the lives these drugs have saved.

Yes opiates save lives!

But Charlotte people don’t die from pain alone.. Don’t they?

As doctors face losing their licenses and patients are having their medication cut down or stopped completely, more and more chronic pain patients are committing suicide. I genuinely don’t understand how cutting access to vital pain relief, to those who need it, is helping keep drugs off the street and preventing addiction.

Chronic pain patients have always had to fight to be believed, for decent treatment and care. Now the hoops we have to jump through are getting rediculous. Drug tests are regularly forced upon patients. Doctor / patient relationships have fallen apart all because of strict rules and opiate contracts. Break a rule, sometimes unavoidable, and risk having your meds cut off without warning. Drug hoarding is a punishable offence. Why would I not hoard meds when there’s a risk you could cut me off suddenly?

Opiate contracts are statistically shown to have little affect in identifying drug abusers.

Statistics on suicide or the number of previously law abiding citizens having to resort to the streets for meds don’t seem to be out there right now. These aren’t the statistics that support the idea that opiates are evil. These aren’t the figures the government wants us to see.

This may seem a little all over the place. That’s cool, they’re  my own thoughts and sometimes rambling on is the best way of sharing them. 

Ultimately I believe the real opiate crisis is that pain is so poorly treated in the first place. 


One thought on “The Opiate Crisis, My Thoughts – Blogtober – #20

  1. That last statement is pretty deep. It’s so true – on top of chronic pain, mental pain also needs to be addressed. All these little cracks in society and the cover ups due to fear just leads to poor solutions and more problems.


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