Social Media Break

It’s been about a week and a half since I was last active on Twitter and Instagram. I’ve even managed to go most of the week without Livestreaming. A much needed break for sure.

I love blogging and I love streaming and social media, however I’d be a massive liar if I didn’t admit that sometimes it can all become really overwhelming. The online hate is real, and whilst I can do my best to ignore the nasty comments and vile tweets, again I’d be lying if I didn’t admit they sometimes get to me.

When I first decided to take a break from my ‘online life’ I was a little worried about how it would it go down. The fear of missing out was what seemed to be my biggest mental barrier. After a couple of days though, I honestly barely thought about what was currently happening on my timeline.

I’d encourage anyone reading this to maybe try and take a few days off social media. I found it gave me time to really focus on myself, what I wanted and how I was feeling.

Choosing to have a break whilst also going through medication withdrawals was really a blessing in disguise.

I’m glad to be back now but I think I’ll definitely be scheduling more internet breaks in the future 🙂

Not the most interesting post. I just like to share my thoughts.



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