Oh Christmas Tree – Blogmas #3

Every year we make the family outing to choose a Christmas tree. This years been no different. I feel like it was done a little earlier in december than usual, but the end result was a perfectly good tree bought slightly bigger than the room it was intended to go in, and requiring some good old saw action to cut it down to size.

Incase you haven’t already worked it out, yes we got a real tree. Different families have different traditions, different colour themes. We went, as my brother would say, abstract. In other words we got a massive green tree chosen by a three year old. Then we entrusted said three year old with the help of another three year old to decorate it. The temptation to re do it after they went to bed was real y’all.

I’ll be in charge of decorating my own black artificial tree. Complete with turquoise baubles. No sense of abstract here.

I have to admit it was fun though, seeing the start of Christmas through my nephews eyes. They’ve already mastered the art of stealing the chocolate decorations when they think no ones looking.

We even have random penguin and owl lights .

Every year I see endless posts by people showing of their perfectly assembled and decorated front rooms and trees. There’s no denying they look amazing. However, I think ours is better, mainly because it was made with the love and excitement of a couple of three year old boys, rather than perfectionist adults.

The setting up of the tree and seeing the lights has really got me into the Christmas spirit. Even if the festive season seems to arrive a little earlier each year, it’s difficult to stay bah humbug for long.

Have you got your tree up yet?



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