You aren’t a blogger!!

Get comfy as this is a bit of a read, a bit of a ramble and a whole lot of truth.

I’ve written blog posts and deleted them. Written them and had them removed. As soon as my passion for blogging returned it was almost like the world was against the idea.

I write this in July 2019. I haven’t written posted anything on here this year and to be honest I didn’t do much in blogging terms last year.

How long do you have to go with out posting before you just have to admit to yourself, “You aren’t a blogger” ?

I dunno, to be honest it doesn’t even really matter. I’ve spent years in some way, shape or form sharing my life online and I’ve always loved doing it.

Wether I’ve talked chronic illness, health, fitness, fashion or anything else. I’ve done it from a deep love of writing and sharing my thoughts on those things. However as much as I’ve loved sharing the inner workings of my mind. I love my Grandad more.

If you’ve followed me anywhere online over the years you’ll know my Grandad was ill a long time. My biggest fan, I lived and cared for him throughout his sickness. There’s been many videos & posts where I’ve cried my eyes out over my grandad and how hard I found the whole situation.

Eventually I hit a point where being so public became too painful. I knew he didn’t have long left to live. I struggled with my own health and being online was no longer fun. I just wanted to be private and make the most of the precious time we had left.

My Grandad finally passed away 2 months ago at the beginning of May. Most days are still a struggle as I grieve and come to terms with this new chapter of life. A new chapter that’s reignited my passion and love of sharing my life online.

I’m excited again!!

I don’t promise a schedule or a specific type of content but I promise everything I post will be written because I’ve truly wanted to write it and because I love and believe in what I’ve written.

Speak soon

Charlotte xxx

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