Gym, Gains & Getting Going

It’s been almost a year and a half since I started my fitness journey. There’s been a whole load of ups as well as some downs that I genuinely thought I wouldn’t come back from. I’ve laughed, I’ve cried, I’ve put myself in hospital and I’ve found a bunch of supportive as fuck, kick ass people.

I talked about starting this journey a good six months before I found a personal trainer and stepped a foot in the gym. My mind was torn between thoughts of wether I could actually do this and wether it even mattered what I thought, I just needed to do it

Honestly that first step was the hardest but also one of the best I’ve ever taken in my life.

When I first started it was off the back of being bed bound and I didn’t really have a goal other than to just get my ass there and survive.

Starting an exercise routine is hard enough as your average sedentary person. When you add some chronic pain, seizures and all the other health problems that can come along with them, it’s even fucking harder.

I still don’t have a specific goal other than surviving the session, but the affect regular training has had on me over the last 18months has been incredible, There may not have been some drastic weight loss transformation, but the changes physically and mentally have made every tear or panic attack worth it.

  • I’ve gained a lot more muscle and strength than I thought I ever would.
  • I’ve gained confidence
  • A good 80% of the time I can get off the floor myself if I have a seizure.
  • I’ve learnt the difference between good and bad pain.
  • Physically I cope with high pain days better
  • I’ve gained a little control of my diet. It’s not perfect but it’s also not total chaos.
  • I’ve learnt that weight / the number on the scale is not the be all and end all.
  • I’ve made some really close friends and finally on this list…..
  • I’ve proved in more ways than one I’m stronger than I thought

The main point of this post wasn’t just to tell you what I’ve learnt so far on this never ending journey…. (It’s a lifestyle y’all).

I also wanted to encourage others who may be thinking of working out, getting a personal trainer and taking that first step. Plus those who may be early on in developing a regular exercise routine, yeah it’s gonna suck at times but keeping at it may just change your life.

I dunno if you’ve found my rambling helpful or not. I deffo want to do more fitness type posts including fitness fashion. Us big boobed, plus size girls like to look cute while melting in our own sweat. #Facts

If you’ve got an idea or suggestion for a post let me know and until next time…..

Love Always






My Favourite Smoothie

Christmas 2015 I received the wonderful gift of a NutriBullet. The juicing / smoothie hype / trend was real back then and after being ill, I thought it’d be a good way of managing to squeeze some more calories, fruit and veg etc.

In general I’ve heard lots of advice and info given from trainers about how bad it is to drink your calories. Over all though, the truth is, as long your consuming at a calorie deficit, no matter their form, you’re going to lose weight.

Recently as I’ve over hauled my diet, I’ve re discovered my love for smoothies and my faithful NutriBullet. So today I’m going to a favourite recipe combination that I’ve been loving lately.

250 – 300ml Almond Milk

1 Medium Banana

40g Peanut Butter

1 Tablespoon Cacao Powder

This came to 446 calories.

Admittedly that’s a high calorie smoothie. Realistically though I’d never drink a glass of milk or eat a banana so it helps to get init my diet some vital goodness it’d otherwise miss out on.

It’s also super filling. ( I don’t tend to drink mine all in one go)

Top tip: Be careful with nut butters. It’s super easy to under estimate exactly how much your really consuming. Lots of people think they’re being healthy adding a tablespoon of peanut butter, weigh it out to avoid your smoothie yumminess causing weight gain.

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Love Charlotte


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Going To The Gym With Chronic Pain.

At the end of March I started getting serious about my fitness journey. It was something I’d talked about probably for the last 6 months. I just hadn’t got round to doing it. Honestly I think it was fear that put me off. The fear of hurting myself and ending up adding to my existing pain.

That hasn’t been the case though and I’ve enjoyed every gym session. Even the ones where I’ve felt like shite and dragging myself to a workout has been the last thing I wanna do. Don’t get me wrong it’s not been easy, but investing in a personal trainer and a gym membership has definitely been a worthwhile investment.

I’m still very early into my training programme and have been sharing my journey so far across social media, mainly for myself, as a way of holding myself accountable and keeping a visual diary of any progress.

Mentioning the decision to get fit online was really fucking scary. I’d be a liar if I said all the feedback has been positive but judging by my inbox several people have been ‘inspired’. (I’m no inspiration believe me) I hope this post helps in some way based on my experience so far.

Getting started on your fitness journey first of all requires some brutal honesty with yourself, mainly are you really ready? Whilst there’s no doubt that exercise can be helpful at any point in your chronic pain journey, jumping in full force only a few weeks after diagnosis sounds like it could only end badly. My personal belief is that you need to have already grieved for your past life and accepted your condition and limitations BEFORE making the decision to ‘get fit’.

This leads to my next point about being somewhat stable. Working out requires being able to tell the difference between what is your ‘normal’ pain that you can push past, (I hate the term normal but can’t think of another way to word this) acute pain that means something’s wrong / you need to stop and finally the good pain associated with a good training session. Yeah I know, believe it or not there is a ‘good’ type of pain, who’d of thought?

You need to be able to commit. Ready to commit. This whole journey has been outrageously frustrating at times. There’s been tears more times than I’d like to admit. There’s been a lot of laughs too though. You can’t just give up at the first hurdle. Unfortunately you’ve just gotta accept it’s gonna be hard at times.

Be open minded and flexible. Originally my goal was to just be able to get out of bed, show up and survive a training session. Now we’re coming into October and my goal has changed. Not every day or session is gonna be easy. Life gets in the way, health gets in the way. Accept that this is a journey and sometimes there’s going to be bumps in the road.

Take things one day at a time and try not to get discouraged. That’s my plan anyway.

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Gym Twats – Blogtober #9

Bad Language ahead, you know, incase you didn’t work it out from the Title.

Yay I’ve almost made it into double figures in blogtober posts. Not a massive thing for many bloggers, but I’ve never been the best at regular uploads, scheduling etc. Since starting this new blog ( you can still view my ‘old’ one at I’ve found it near impossible to build an audience. I’m sure not many would admit it but it’s easy to feel discouraged from posting when you feel like no ones reading. Everyone has a reason for starting to blog and whilst 99% of people do it for themselves / a perfectly good reason. I’d be a liar if I said followers weren’t important.

Anyway, today’s post. Yep the title is kinda rude and straight to the point. Sorry not sorry. If you follow me on Instagram you’ll know I recently embarked on a fitness / weightloss journey. Now starting any sort of journey like this is difficult, more so if you’re struggling with a chronic illness like myself. Part of this journey has obviously involved exercise, in my case joining the gym. Now I’m sure many gym goers are already aware but if you’re not a gym goer, or just haven’t noticed, the gym is full of, well… twats. TWATS EVERYWHERE !!

So let me educate you on some of them. If your reading this and fall into one of these categories / do these things, maybe have a word with yourself. Please. Thankyou.

Judgy Twats

Hey I’m aware I’m not the slimist, fittest girl in the gym. I’m out of breath, dripping in sweat and might need to ask for help on how to work one of the machines. I’m trying though. We’ve all gotta start somewhere. Everyone was a beginner once. So stop judging that over weight person who’s only lifting a couple of kilos. They’re here trying to do something, trying to make a change. Honestly that’s more than those still sat at home on the sofa eating pizza.

Talkative Twats

Now this is personal preference. Some people like having a workout buddy to chat to. Not me though. I have headphones in. Take the hint, I don’t wanna chat thanks. 

Grunting Twats

Why the sound effects? We get it, you lift. (Another reason I wear headphones)

Untidy Twats

Hey, you know that rack you just got the dumbells off? The weights also fit back on that rack when you’ve finished. You know, where they belong. Mind blowing, I know. Who’d of thought? They don’t actually belong on the floor, scattered around the gym so that no one else can find them.

Sweaty Twats

I sweat A LOT !!  But I’m a nice considerate person, so when I drip sweat all over a machine, I wipe it off. So the next person doesn’t have to sit it in. If everyone else could do the same that’d be great.

Selfie Twats

Who doesn’t love a good gym selfie? I do. Are you actually going to use that though? Or just take pictures with it? When the gym is packed the last thing I have patience for is you hogging a machine for nothing else but Instagram likes. By all means if the gym is practically empty and there’s no one else waiting to use the equipment, go ahead. 

I promise I’ll use the word twat less in future posts, maybe.

Anything that annoys you at the gym? How’re you enjoying blogtober?

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Gymshark Flex VS Seamless – Blogtober #2

There are a million and one blog posts and YouTube videos about Gymshark products, all by people far more qualified than me. (I.e. Actual fitness gurus / bloggers)

Sometimes though, it’s nice to have the opinion of a regular joe. Something I really struggled to find when researching these holy grail leggings before purchase.

Gymshark are a brand celebrating their 5th birthday this year and incase you couldn’t work it out from the name, they specialise in gym wear. Instagram is full of the most gorgeous girls repping the brand and their most highly talked about leggings.

Are they really as great as all these fitness buffs make out? What if you aren’t in the gym everyday? 

I decided to bite the bullet and make a purchase.

The Gymshark flex leggings are one of Gymshark’s most popular products. They come in a variety of colours, of which I bought four. I had a few problems with shipping, that I want to put down / hope were due to the fact I purchased them on a restock / new release date. However when they arrived all was forgiven and it’s pretty easy to see why these are a cult favourite for so many.

The flex leggings do something that the majority of leggings on the market don’t. They contour your body shape. I should of really taken a picture of these on but didn’t get around to it. Trust me though, you don’t need to be a fitness guru to look in these. Thick, comfortable and fashionable, you can certainly get away with wearing these around town, round the house, anywhere you’d wear any other pair of leggings. Oh and of course they look great whilst working out. Get ready for that hot guy in the gym to notice you. 

Warning: Some shades are a little more squat proof than others.

At £32 they’re certainly up there, as far as leggings go. Would I buy them again?? Of course

Next I bought a pair of seamless leggings. A strong competitor for the flex. (Gymshark do sell other types of leggings. I’m just comparing the top two sellers)

Personally if you aren’t an avid gym goer and you’re just looking for an amazing pair of leggings to wear everyday. This is the type to go for. Yes the flex are great for everyday too but out of the two these are my favourite.

First off these have a more subtle contour. Certainly not as obvious as the flex, but it’s still there and making that ass pop. Whilst it still has the Gymshark logo present, it’s again not as obviously visible. The biggest difference between the two? The seamless are high waisted !!!

I find the high waisted point of these soooo much more flattering for my short assed, slightly chubby body shape. 

More expensive than the flex, retailing for £40, but depending on what you want them for (the gym or nah). They may just be saving up for. 

So yes.. I guess the hype is real. Why not get yourself a pair and join the Instagram trend too. They also sell matching sports bras.

Love Charlotte


Some images are my own, some are from the Gymshark website.