”Tis the season to be lonely – Blogmas #6

Yesterday I mentioned, right at the end of my tag post, a little about how hard this time of year could be for some people.

While the majority of us are in shop till we drop mode, preparing to stuff our faces and gearing ourselves up for the endless stream of visiting family / friends. It’s important to remember that not everyone is fortunate enough to have a happy holiday.

Wether due to losing a partner, not having family, illness or homelessness, so many will wake up Christmas morning alone. So many will go without the hot meal that so many of us look forward to.

Please look out for elderly family members, neighbours that may be on their own. Take a few hours out of your own festive fun to make sure others are having a good day too. I honestly can’t think of anything worse than being on my own at this time of year. Luckily I’ve such a big close family that sometimes the chance to be alone would be a fine thing.

If you’re on your own this Christmas, maybe check what’s on in your local area. You could arrange to meet up with someone else who’s alone. Check out local church or community groups for a hot lunch or consider volunteering.

If you’re really struggling and need someone to talk to. The Samaritans are available 24 hours a day 365 days a year.


Or call 116 123 (UK and ROI)

I hope everyone has a happy holiday, whatever your situation.




A Christmas Tag – Blogmas #5

What would blogmas be without a good old tag post? Obviously considering the time of year of course all the questions are Christmas based. Let’s go……

 Use one noise to describe how you feel about Christmas 


Do you open any presents on Christmas Eve?

Nope…. 8am Christmas Day

Do you have a holiday tradition that you’re most looking forward to?

Picking out the Christmas tree !! It’s something I look forward to every year. You can read about it in Blogmas day 3

Is your Christmas tree real or fake?

100% real

Where do you spend the holidays?

With family

Have you got a favourite Christmas film?

I have a top 3 of my favourite Xmas films

  1. The Nightmare Before Christmas (a slightly controversial choice I know)
  2. The Grinch
  3. Elf

Have you a favourite Christmas song?

Rockin around the Christmas tree

Your favourite Christmas sweet treat?

Im a big mince pie lover for sure

When do you start getting excited for Christmas?

December 1st !! My brothers birthday is right at the end of November so it’s always been a rule to not mention it until after his birthday.

What’s the best Christmas gift you’ve ever received?

Ive had some amazing gifts over the years. It’d be hard to pick just one.

What’s the worst gift you’ve ever received?

No comment haha. What if the person who gave it to me reads this?

Has a brother or sister ever received a gift that you wished you’d got instead?

I’ve always been to wrapped up in my own presents to take much notice of other peoples.

Honestly do you prefer to give or receive at christmas?

I love to do the Christmas shopping and then watch for people’s reactions as they open the gift. Of course I’d be lying if I said receiving a present or two wasn’t nice as well.

What would be your dream place to visit for the holiday season?

I can truely say I wouldn’t want to go away at Christmas. It’s a time of year for spending with family and loved ones. So really unless I could take everyone with me, my dream place is home.

Most memorable part of the holidays?

Picking out and decorating the tree is always pretty memorable.

What makes Christmas so special for you?

Just spending time with my favourite people, creating memories that’ll last a lifetime.

What’s one of your favourite bits about Christmas?

The food !!

If you had one Christmas wish what would it be?

That no one spends Christmas Day lonely. I honestly can’t think of anything worse. Unfortunately though it’s a reality for so many, especially the elderly.

Will you make any New Years Resolutions?

Nope not a chance. If you wish to make a change in life, do it because you really want to, not because it’s January 1st.


If you guys do a Christmas tag, let me know so I can have a read.








chronic illness

Chronic Illness Gift Guide – Blogmas #4

Forever one to create original content, I’ve decided to jump on the bandwagon and create a gift guide. Not any old gift guide but one containing some idea for the chronically awesome chronically sick person in your life.

Before I dive straight into the list I really must stress that us ill folk have interests outside of, you know, being ill. So if you know them well enough it’s probably best to go down that route and choose a more personal present. This is just my top five safe bets I know I personally, as well as many other illness warriors would be happy to receive.


Speaking for myself. I’m 90% sure I own more PJs rather than actual clothes. At least I definitely feel like I wear them more often. A nice pair of pajamas is a lovely treat and not something people often think of buying for themselves. A pretty safe bet and a present that you can splurge on or still get on a budget.

Hot Water Bottle / Warmer

As the weather gets colder and being someone who suffers with random aches and pains, there’s nothing I love more than being tucked up cuddling a hot water bottle or warmer. Whether you prefer a traditional bottle you fill with hot water from the kettle, or a microwaveable teddy, there’s a wide variety of gift sets out in the shops at the moment. I’d recommend the noozie, a rechargeable heat pack that stays warmer for longer than a hot water bottle, is easy and quick to use.


A gift card

This may not sound that interesting. However I love nothing more than internet shopping. It’s even better when somebody else is paying for it. Not only have you given someone the potential to buy exactly what they want for Christmas. You’ve also bought the gift of something to keep me entertained for a couple of hours.

Pillows / Cushions / Fairy Lights

I spend a lot of time in my bed, therefore it being comfy and cozy is really important to me. Who doesn’t love cute cushions and twinkling lights?


Socks / Hats / Scarfs / Gloves

Us sick folk get cold. There’s tons of cute gift sets containing these items around. I can never have too many pairs of socks and you can guarantee that if I have to step outside in the less than warm months, I’m gonna be wrapped up in enough scarfs and cozy material, that I could quite easily be mistaken for a ski resort guest.

Let me know what you’ve asked for this Christmas





Oh Christmas Tree – Blogmas #3

Every year we make the family outing to choose a Christmas tree. This years been no different. I feel like it was done a little earlier in december than usual, but the end result was a perfectly good tree bought slightly bigger than the room it was intended to go in, and requiring some good old saw action to cut it down to size.

Incase you haven’t already worked it out, yes we got a real tree. Different families have different traditions, different colour themes. We went, as my brother would say, abstract. In other words we got a massive green tree chosen by a three year old. Then we entrusted said three year old with the help of another three year old to decorate it. The temptation to re do it after they went to bed was real y’all.

I’ll be in charge of decorating my own black artificial tree. Complete with turquoise baubles. No sense of abstract here.

I have to admit it was fun though, seeing the start of Christmas through my nephews eyes. They’ve already mastered the art of stealing the chocolate decorations when they think no ones looking.

We even have random penguin and owl lights .

Every year I see endless posts by people showing of their perfectly assembled and decorated front rooms and trees. There’s no denying they look amazing. However, I think ours is better, mainly because it was made with the love and excitement of a couple of three year old boys, rather than perfectionist adults.

The setting up of the tree and seeing the lights has really got me into the Christmas spirit. Even if the festive season seems to arrive a little earlier each year, it’s difficult to stay bah humbug for long.

Have you got your tree up yet?



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Coping with chronic illness at Christmas – Blogmas #2

Unfortunately for everyone out there with a chronic illness, you can’t just switch off your health issues in order to take a break and really enjoy the holiday festivities.

It’s difficult to explain exactly what is chronic illness warriors go through or how we feel, but Christmas especially, can be an exceptionally difficult time. One moment you’re spending 90% of your time alone in bed. The next you’re expected to spend 90% of your time with family and friends, thrown in the deep end and an active participant in all the festive season has to offer. It can feel a little overwhelming to say the least.

So what are you meant to do? How are you meant to deal with it all? A lot of managing chronic illness comes from experience, something I seem to unintentionally gathered from years of trial and error. In today’s post I thought I’d share my best tips / tricks / advice for coping this Christmas.

Remember Medication

Remember doctors surgeries and pharmacies opening hours may change of Christmas and New Year. Make sure you have enough medication to cover you through this period and remember to take it with you when out and about or staying away from home.

Plan & Pace

As much as possible try and develop a clear plan of what you’re doing and when, who you’re seeing and how long for. Try not to plan to much in one go. Include rest / self care time in order not to crash and burn

Say NO / Communicate

If something’s too much for you, you know it’s going to cause you pain / discomfort or you’re just not feeling it. Don’t be afraid to say no. Friends and family should understand. If they don’t well…. However most of your nearest and dearest wouldn’t want you to make yourself ill. Is there a family member or friend you could talk to about your illness? Someone who could support you if you start to not feel good? Don’t suffer in silence. It’ll only make you feel worse.

Rest / Self Care

If you’ve managed to plan, then you should have included some rest time. For example if I know in advance that I’m doing something active or all day on Saturday then I’ll rest most of Thursday and Friday, as well as Sunday. Take the time to catch up on sleep, have a long soak in the bath, whatever makes you feel good. If you aren’t feeling good and looking after yourself, it’ll be difficult to enjoy yourself.


Acceptance is such a big part of life with a chronic condition and I’ve spoken about it several times before. We need to accept that our lives are different to how they were. We may have to do things differently or accept that we can’t do them at all. It’s not easy buy any means, but speaking from my own experience, accepting I won’t be able to do everything the average person would this Christmas, is a big pressure of my shoulders. I’m totally ok with not being able to go late night shopping. All those crowds, out in the cold, the checkout queues. I’m honestly fine giving it a miss.

Have fun

Enjoy yourself !!! Having a health condition doesn’t mean you can’t have fun with your loved ones. Live in the moment and make memories you’ll have for a life time.

Anybody got a tip they want to share?

Don’t let chronic illness ruin your Christmas.

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It’s Blogmas !! Day #1

Welcome back to blogmas guys !! There’s not been a lot happening on here in November, mainly cuz blogtober was a mission and I needed a bit of a break to be fair. Hit the follow button and have a browse of my social media because everyday from now until Christmas Day there’s gonna be brand spanking new content…. Yay!!

I’m not sure how many of y’all can relate but being a single, childless adult, Christmas doesn’t really seem all that exciting. However I’m blessed to have a large family full of tiny humans who are just starting to experience the magic of this festive season for the first time. It’s because of them, that I’m looking forward to a couple of things. In no real order….

  • Elf on the shelf
  • Picking out the Christmas tree
  • Decorating the tree
  • Food
  • Taking the little ones to see santa for the first time
  • More food
  • Advent Calenders
  • Christmas Movies
  • Cosy PJs
  • Leaving a drink and mince pie out for Santa on Christmas Eve. (Don’t forget something for the reindeer)
  • Explaining how Father Christmas delivers all the presents
  • Building a Gingerbread house

None of this as a single adult really interests me, apart from food and cozy pjs, but I honestly can’t wait.

This year I’m also lucky enough to manage to blag 2 Christmas lunches, one on xmas eve and one Christmas Day …. Yes I love food.

What are you most looking forward too?




Social Media Break

It’s been about a week and a half since I was last active on Twitter and Instagram. I’ve even managed to go most of the week without Livestreaming. A much needed break for sure.

I love blogging and I love streaming and social media, however I’d be a massive liar if I didn’t admit that sometimes it can all become really overwhelming. The online hate is real, and whilst I can do my best to ignore the nasty comments and vile tweets, again I’d be lying if I didn’t admit they sometimes get to me.

When I first decided to take a break from my ‘online life’ I was a little worried about how it would it go down. The fear of missing out was what seemed to be my biggest mental barrier. After a couple of days though, I honestly barely thought about what was currently happening on my timeline.

I’d encourage anyone reading this to maybe try and take a few days off social media. I found it gave me time to really focus on myself, what I wanted and how I was feeling.

Choosing to have a break whilst also going through medication withdrawals was really a blessing in disguise.

I’m glad to be back now but I think I’ll definitely be scheduling more internet breaks in the future 🙂

Not the most interesting post. I just like to share my thoughts.