Primark, Palettes & Apps – April Favourites

I missed doing a March favourites due to technology fails. April is one of my favourite months of the year though, and I couldn’t wait to share some of the things I’ve been loving.


Primark has been killing it lately and I’m sure every Disney fan has been loving it. The Disney collaboration has no doubt been something I’ve been fan girling over. I’m a massive fan of Beauty and the Beast after all. The Rose makeup brush I’ve included a pic of is just beautiful. The slip on sneakers are of course right up my streetIt’s the children’s clothing though that I’ve been really impressed with. I don’t have my own kids but I’m an auntie who absolutely loves to spoil my nieces and nephews. They just have the cutest collection to choose from. All great quality and for the price you can really go on a bit of a spree. Also great when you consider how fast kids grow.


The Sweet Peach palette by too faced has become a staple in my collection, which honestly I’m surprised by, considering I wasn’t totally sold on buying it in the first place.

In general I prefer fairly natural looks but I’ve been trying to be more adventurous with my makeup lately. The colours in this palette have allowed me to, I guess take baby steps towards more out there and creative looks. The pigmentation is great and the smell, just like most too faced palettes is amazing.

I’m no beauty guru so I find makeup is hard for me to review. Sorry.

Epsom Salts

Epsom salts are something I’ve read about many times in the chronic pain community. Hailed as an all natural, all rounder product with more benefits than I can name. It’s been something I’ve been meaning to try for a while but never got round to.

Well over the last month I finally gave them a go. Admittedly I only tried possibly the cheapest, most generic tub I could get, (£1.50 from Tesco if you’re interested) but It’s turned out to be love at first sight. Relaxing in a nice hot bath of them, has really made a difference to some of the muscular tightness and pain I struggle with. Especially after gym workouts.

Even when my facial pain has flared, a pain I can’t soak in the bath. I found them to help me relax more than other bath soaks, it seemed to also help reduce some of the general puffiness I’ve been experiencing. Plus my skin felt stupidly soft afterwards.

I’d be interested in testing out some more expensive brands.


So in some sort of attempt to encourage myself to walk outside more, I downloaded the sweatcoin app upon recommendation of a relative.

In absolute basic terms it pays you for walking outside. You can then get free products, use what you earn towards gift vouchers and even save up for larger things like phones, TVs etc.

Here’s a snapshot of my earnings over the last 2 weeks. Believe me I hardly walk anywhere.

Click here to download.

I hope you’ve enjoyed learning about a few of my favourites. I’d be interested to know your thoughts. Let me know if you’ve tried Epsom salts and be sure to tweet me and let me know how you get on if you choose to download sweatcoin.



Love Charlotte



My 5 Favourite Lip Products – Blogtober #5

I’m no beauty blogger or makeup artist, but I do love makeup. In particular I love a good lipstick. Surveys have shown that 65% of women wear lipstick daily and 25% wouldn’t feel comfortable leaving the house without it. So I’m certainly not alone in my love.

In today’s post I’m going to share my 5 favourite lippys.

Mac Cosmetics – Ruby Woo 

Are you surprised?? Probably not. Ruby Woo resides in most beauty babes collections. A staple with a reputation. This was actually the very first lipstick I bought from mac. The reason I bought it? Internet hype. I mean all these youtubers couldn’t possibly be wrong. 

Buying my very first Mac lipstick was overwhelming to tell the truth. I don’t live near a counter so ordering online was my only option. Starting at £15 they’re definitely a treat and I desperately didn’t want to buy something I’d end up hating.  This is the exact shade I think of when someone mentions a ‘red lip’. It’s a colour that look great on any skin tone and is comfortable to wear. It’s cool blue undertones also add a teeth whitening aspect. 

Not sure where to start with Mac lippys? Start with Ruby Woo. You won’t regret it.

Mac Cosmetics – Matte Royal

I promise this post isn’t Mac, mac, mac. 

Now this admitidly isn’t an everyday kinda shade, unless you’re super brave. It’s also not going to be for everyone. Yet it’s still one of my absolute favourites. Rocking this bold blue lip, with the blue streaks in my hair. I truely feel like a bad ass. A fun look for filming in or wearing on a night out. 

YSL – Rouge Volupte 1
My everyday go too. In my opinion YSL’s lip products are massively under rated. This is the most used lipstick I own. A your own lips but better shade, this goes with absolutely everything. It’s also super moisturising.

Expensive? Yes. Worth it? Yes. Especially if it’s going to end up an everyday essential in your makeup routine. The only down side is that it’s not the longest lasting. However you’ll feel like you’re living a life of luxury when you pull this baby out of your bag to re apply. Isn’t the packaging just beautiful?

YSL – Volupte Tint In Balm 11

Another YSL beauty. One of their newest releases, this is more of a balm. It offers a sheer layer of moisturising colour, that’s buildable and easy to wear.

Seeing the initial colour in the tube I was a little wary. I honestly didn’t think I’d get much use out of it. I’m so glad the colour applies sheer and can be customised to create the look you’re wishing to achieve. I love wearing this on days that I can’t be bothered with a full face of makeup. Its no makeup makeup down to a tea. Enough to stop my lips looking dull and dry. Not enough to coat my lips in colour. My lips look healthy, plump and moisturised. A favourite to chuck in my bag for the morning after any unexpected sleepovers 😉

Jouer Cosmetics – Lip Topper Frostbite

GLITTER IS EVERYWHERE !! And my lips are no exception. Unfortunately the picture doesn’t really do the product justice. (Note to self: maybe do swatches in future)

So this isn’t technically a lipstick. Although it can be worn alone. It’s actually designed as a lip topper. Lip toppers have been everywhere over the last few months and it’s not hard to see why they’re so popular. Apply your chosen lipstick as normal then swipe a coat of this glittery goodness over the top for that wow factor. Available in a wide variety of colours it can sometimes be a little hard to know what to choose.

This is my favourite because it’s exactly the shade I think of when I think sparkly lips. It goes with absolutely every lipstick you can think of. I have no idea how they get so much sparkle in one tube, but they do. If you can only afford to get one glitter lip topper, this is the one to go for.

I’ve just realised this post contains only high end items. Sorry loves. I have no doubt that there are some amazing drugstore lip products out there. It just so happens that none of them are my favourite.

Did any of your favourite lipsticks make my top 5 ??

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Love Charlotte


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New Beauty Goodies – Blogtober?

I’m not the greatest blogger, as we all know. However I thought I’d jump on the blogtober bandwagon and attempt to produce thirty one days of consistent content. I may be late to the party, nine days late, but it’s better late than never.

Day 1 – My latest beauty haul

Benefit Cosmetics – Hoola Light

I’ve ummed and ahhhed about buying this ever since it’s release. I’m not a massive bronzer fan but do love a good contour. Often referred to as Caspers wife (the friendly ghost) I’m definitely part of the pale but interesting club. The original Hoola bronzer is just too dark and has a tendency to create a look that’d happily camoflauge me as one of Willy Wonka’s Oompa Lumpas. I’m excited to play around with this, especially as the nights draw in and the sun dissapears.

Chanel- Vitalumiere Aqua Foundation & Rouge Allure Ink Matte Liquid Lipstick

Foundation. As we go into Autumn the summer tans, not that I ever really had one, tend to fade. The majority of beauty fanatics then realise they need to hit the makeup counters in search of their perfect paler shade.

Chanels Vitalumiere Aqua is a tried and true for my own everyday wear. I may stray and try others, especially for an event or night out. However I always go back to Chanel. It’s lightweight, applies easy and is buildable. Admitidly a bit pricey (£35), but worth every penny. I just wish it was a pump type bottle.

The Matte liquid lipstick is a fairly new release from them. Again it’s not the cheapest lippy on the market, but then this is Chanel we’re talking about. I’ve only worn this twice, both occasions the colour lasted well and was comfortable to wear. A beautiful pink based nude and I’d definitely recommend checking out the collection if you fancy treating yourself.

Benefit Cosmetics- Porefessional Tinted Pore Minimising Primer

The original porefessional is another tried and true in my makeup collection, often used as a primer under foundation. I was actually looking for a BB cream when I thought I’d test this out…I’m that girl who likes to wear makeup to the gym. Not like a full face but just enough to make me feel confident and comfortable whilst working out. This certainly gives the same effect as a BB cream being tinted, somewhat moisturising but also mattifying.

Ariana Granda – Sweet Like Candy Eau de Parfume

Its very rare that I ever buy any sort of scent. Especially celebrity scents. I’d just heard so many positive things about this that I had to go test it out. Don’t do it !! You may end up loving it and taking it home 😉 Sugar frosted blackberry, vanilla and marshmallow notes create this sweet youthful scent, that no surprise smells like candy. Perfumes are such a personal thing and whilst this is so different to anything I’d normally gravitate towards. It’s definitely a new favourite.

I hope you’ve enjoyed checking out my latest beauty buys. I’m no beauty blogger by any means but think it’s good to try new things. Remember to hit the follow button and pop back daily for new content this month.

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Love Charlotte


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A long way off perfect teeth

I have really bad teeth and that’s no secret.It’s the number one thing people comment on in livestreams. No matter how many times I ask people nicely not to mention it, the YouTube comment section will anyway. It’s embarrassing to be honest, and if I could magically fix them over night I would.

Long story short, my rubbish teeth are a side effect of years of opiate use. No one ever mentioned how badly they could be affected by the heavy use of painkillers.

I’ve been documenting my journey of getting my teeth fixed right from the beginning and it definitely hasn’t been easy, cheap or pain free. I really wish it was though.

Every social media influencer out there seems to have promoted a teeth whitening kit at some point. If it’s not that then it’s clip on veneers. 80% of the people promoting these products have a perfect smile in the first place. I’m a long way off finishing my perfect smile journey that’s for sure. However I really wanted to share a couple of things that have really helped me to see an improvement lately.

So I bought this toothbrush a few months ago and for me personally it was a total game changer. First of all as far as electric toothbrushes go it’s a bargain. It’s RRP is £89.99 but Boots often have great deals and sales on electricals, so in the end I paid £59.99. I’m aware that’s not cheap, but a good toothbrush can cost you £100+

I love the different heads as it allows you to get right in between the teeth where all that nasty plaque normally builds up. The thing that’s made the most difference to me personally is the fact it has three different modes. Normal, sensitive and pulse. When I first started this journey I found brushing quite painful, especially around the gums. Starting on sensitive mode really helped. I’ve heard a few people say they’ve given up on their perfect smile journey purely because they can’t get past the good brushing stage, as it’s just too sore.

The timer is also a good feature, as instead of purely beeping at two minutes like a lot of brushes. It beeps in thirty second intervals to let you know when to move to another quarter of your mouth. At least now I know all of my teeth are getting an equal clean.

So finding these gems were totally by chance. In that my usual toothpaste was sold out and I decided to give these a go.

One is a regular toothpaste so not too much I need to say about it. The other a whitening accelerator which I use twice a day for two minutes, directly after using my toothpaste. The difference was noticeable within three days.

I honestly can’t see myself going back to my old toothpaste. I could barely believe how much my teeth had improved and so quickly.

Like I said, my teeth are a long way off being perfect and it’s going to be many more hours in the dentist chair before they are. At least now though I know they’re getting a good clean and being looked after the best I can. I won’t be flashing a smile at everyone quite yet, but I do feel a lot happier with them.

No Instagram model endorsed gels and lights needed.

Charlotte xxx