Gym, Gains & Getting Going

It’s been almost a year and a half since I started my fitness journey. There’s been a whole load of ups as well as some downs that I genuinely thought I wouldn’t come back from. I’ve laughed, I’ve cried, I’ve put myself in hospital and I’ve found a bunch of supportive as fuck, kick ass people.

I talked about starting this journey a good six months before I found a personal trainer and stepped a foot in the gym. My mind was torn between thoughts of wether I could actually do this and wether it even mattered what I thought, I just needed to do it

Honestly that first step was the hardest but also one of the best I’ve ever taken in my life.

When I first started it was off the back of being bed bound and I didn’t really have a goal other than to just get my ass there and survive.

Starting an exercise routine is hard enough as your average sedentary person. When you add some chronic pain, seizures and all the other health problems that can come along with them, it’s even fucking harder.

I still don’t have a specific goal other than surviving the session, but the affect regular training has had on me over the last 18months has been incredible, There may not have been some drastic weight loss transformation, but the changes physically and mentally have made every tear or panic attack worth it.

  • I’ve gained a lot more muscle and strength than I thought I ever would.
  • I’ve gained confidence
  • A good 80% of the time I can get off the floor myself if I have a seizure.
  • I’ve learnt the difference between good and bad pain.
  • Physically I cope with high pain days better
  • I’ve gained a little control of my diet. It’s not perfect but it’s also not total chaos.
  • I’ve learnt that weight / the number on the scale is not the be all and end all.
  • I’ve made some really close friends and finally on this list…..
  • I’ve proved in more ways than one I’m stronger than I thought

The main point of this post wasn’t just to tell you what I’ve learnt so far on this never ending journey…. (It’s a lifestyle y’all).

I also wanted to encourage others who may be thinking of working out, getting a personal trainer and taking that first step. Plus those who may be early on in developing a regular exercise routine, yeah it’s gonna suck at times but keeping at it may just change your life.

I dunno if you’ve found my rambling helpful or not. I deffo want to do more fitness type posts including fitness fashion. Us big boobed, plus size girls like to look cute while melting in our own sweat. #Facts

If you’ve got an idea or suggestion for a post let me know and until next time…..

Love Always






Primark, Palettes & Apps – April Favourites

I missed doing a March favourites due to technology fails. April is one of my favourite months of the year though, and I couldn’t wait to share some of the things I’ve been loving.


Primark has been killing it lately and I’m sure every Disney fan has been loving it. The Disney collaboration has no doubt been something I’ve been fan girling over. I’m a massive fan of Beauty and the Beast after all. The Rose makeup brush I’ve included a pic of is just beautiful. The slip on sneakers are of course right up my streetIt’s the children’s clothing though that I’ve been really impressed with. I don’t have my own kids but I’m an auntie who absolutely loves to spoil my nieces and nephews. They just have the cutest collection to choose from. All great quality and for the price you can really go on a bit of a spree. Also great when you consider how fast kids grow.


The Sweet Peach palette by too faced has become a staple in my collection, which honestly I’m surprised by, considering I wasn’t totally sold on buying it in the first place.

In general I prefer fairly natural looks but I’ve been trying to be more adventurous with my makeup lately. The colours in this palette have allowed me to, I guess take baby steps towards more out there and creative looks. The pigmentation is great and the smell, just like most too faced palettes is amazing.

I’m no beauty guru so I find makeup is hard for me to review. Sorry.

Epsom Salts

Epsom salts are something I’ve read about many times in the chronic pain community. Hailed as an all natural, all rounder product with more benefits than I can name. It’s been something I’ve been meaning to try for a while but never got round to.

Well over the last month I finally gave them a go. Admittedly I only tried possibly the cheapest, most generic tub I could get, (£1.50 from Tesco if you’re interested) but It’s turned out to be love at first sight. Relaxing in a nice hot bath of them, has really made a difference to some of the muscular tightness and pain I struggle with. Especially after gym workouts.

Even when my facial pain has flared, a pain I can’t soak in the bath. I found them to help me relax more than other bath soaks, it seemed to also help reduce some of the general puffiness I’ve been experiencing. Plus my skin felt stupidly soft afterwards.

I’d be interested in testing out some more expensive brands.


So in some sort of attempt to encourage myself to walk outside more, I downloaded the sweatcoin app upon recommendation of a relative.

In absolute basic terms it pays you for walking outside. You can then get free products, use what you earn towards gift vouchers and even save up for larger things like phones, TVs etc.

Here’s a snapshot of my earnings over the last 2 weeks. Believe me I hardly walk anywhere.

Click here to download.

I hope you’ve enjoyed learning about a few of my favourites. I’d be interested to know your thoughts. Let me know if you’ve tried Epsom salts and be sure to tweet me and let me know how you get on if you choose to download sweatcoin.



Love Charlotte



27 Things

In case you didn’t know (I mean why would you?) I celebrated my 27th birthday this week. Yay!!

In honour of reaching this glorious milestone, because honestly there’s been plenty of times I thought I wouldn’t.

Let me jump straight into this totally unoriginal idea of a blog post.

27 Things I’ve Learnt in 27 Years

  • You can’t rely on other people to determine your happiness, that’s up to you and you only.
  • Nothing is more important than your health.
  • Not just your physical health, your mental health is pretty damn important too.
  • Life is about balance, you can’t work yourself into the ground, you probably shouldn’t party yourself into the ground either.
  • You can’t do everything at once.
  • It’s ok to make mistakes, everyone does.
  • It’s important to learn from your mistakes. Was it really even a mistake if you learnt from it and did it better next time?
  • Life gets tough at times and unfortunately there’s not a lot you can do about it. Everyone goes through tough times. Hang in there.
  • Sometimes you need to hit rock bottom in order to work yourself up.
  • You need to stop comparing yourself to others.
  • Life’s not a competition, we’re all in a different race.
  • Buy the right size clothing. No matter what size you are, you’ll look a hell of a lot better when your clothing fits.
  • Accept you can’t make everyone like you.
  • Save money, when you can.
  • Remember to treat yourself. You only live once after all.
  • Challenge yourself in life. Whether it’s doing something that scares you. Something that you won’t find easy. It could be anything. Imagine how accomplished you’ll feel afterwards.
  • It’s never too late for education and you’re never too old to learn.
  • Exercise!!
  • Know your self worth.
  • You need to love and respect yourself before you can expect others too.
  • Be kind to others.
  • Be kind to yourself.
  • Don’t be afraid to think for yourself. At the end of the day you’re the one who has to live with your decision.
  • Accept help and advice. Especially from professionals and loved ones.
  • Don’t have regrets.
  • Accept you can’t change the past.
  • Be present. There are times it’s great to just be there. Living in the moment, The there and now, not focusing on a phone / screen of some sort.
  • I’m absolutely positive a lot of these points won’t be new to a lot of you. To me though, they’re truly some of the most important lessons I’ve learnt over the last 27 years.

Hope you enjoyed this post and feel free to hit me up and let me know something important you’ve learnt in life.Love Charlotte xxxIncluded a few pics from Birthday celebrations. Follow me on Instagram for more 🙂


Pills, Apps & Adidas – February Faves

There’s been a few things I’ve been loving in the month of February. Let’s just jump straight in.

Instagram Stories

Late to the game as always (plus I used to be a hardcore snapchat fan) I’ve recently fallen in love with the Instagram stories feature. In fact in case you haven’t noticed, what I tend to do is take the actual pic on Snapchat and then upload it to IG, add the stickers, location, etc.

Recently I haven’t done anything particularly Insta worthy. However the stories feature allows me to regularly update my audience with slightly more ‘real’ snapshots. The stuff I wouldn’t necessarily want permanently on my feed.

Check it all out at

Pill Mate

Having recently had an overhaul of my medication regime. I’ve been finding it rather difficult to keep track of what to take and when. Not only that but sometimes I take my tablets only to then forget wether I’ve taken them or not, and then take them again.

I recently bought a handy organiser by the brand pill mate, from Superdrug, for around £13. A whole week of clearly labelled compartments, with easy to access sliding windows and a flip open cover to keep everything sealed and safe.

Money well spent.

Here’s a link to one on Amazon UK

*Not Sponsored or an Affiliate link, I just love the product

Pandora Jewellery

Hey I’m basic. I own way too much pandora Jewellery as it is. Did I own the rose gold bracelet though? No. Well now I do. Plus some beautiful new charms too.It’s gonna sit pretty on my wrist next to the other two bracelets I own. Every charm a memory, occasion or sentiment. I’m not sorry in the slightest.AdidasMy January faves contained a super comfortable Jack Wills hoodie and this month I’m including a super girly and fun Adidas one.Ok, so technically it arrived in March thanks to the snow. I bought it in February though so it still counts right? It’s definitely more of a statement piece. Printed and pretty pastel for spring. It’s also on the thinner side so definitely one for when the weather warms up a little. I haven’t managed to get a decent pic of myself in it yet, sorry you’ll have to make do with a stock image.Pancakes & ValentinesIt’s was a month of food and love, that even myself as a single Pringle managed to find joy in. My Grandad turned out to be the only valentine I needed (also the only person sweet enough to give me a card). Plus who doesn’t love pancake day? Pancakes are awesome. Especially smothered in Nutella and strawberries. Of course the presentation might need work. It tasted amazing though. Weight watchers what? Where? Who?What did you love in the month of love?Let me knowCharlotte xxx


January Favourites Including Baby Cuteness

Strong language because I’m a terrible influence.

I’ve not done a monthly favourites post ever, on the blog. Mainly because it’s hardly original content and secondly it’s just not a subject that really interested me before. I like to give at least somewhat of a flying fuck about what I write.

Insert some lame paragraph about some new year new me bullshit here….

Let’s give it a go then..

Without a shadow of a doubt my absolute favourite thing of this month, (If my nephew should ever read this, I apologise for calling you a thing), was the arrival of this bundle of baby cuteness 😍😍. I love being an auntie. A niece and five nephews later, a new arrival and the prospect of baby cuddles is still something I look forward too. Being an auntie is essentially getting all the good parts and then getting to return them when they wanna start acting like little shitbags.


A second favourite is also included in the above picture and it’s the Jack Wills Hoodie I’m wearing.

Unfortunately the exact one is sold out on the Jack Wills website so here’s a pic of a lovely looking model wearing one similar.. You can check out all of their hoodies / sweatshirts here. Yes they’re a little pricey but they’re super well made, as well as lovely and comfy.

On the subject of keeping warm, it’s been soooo freaking cold here, I can’t even… Recently I’ve been heading to bed with a hot water bottle, well kinda. The Noozie is basically a usb rechargeable heat pack. No water required. It remains hot for up five hours and heats up really quick in the first place. Great for the colder weather AND providing some much needed chronic pain / period pain relief.

New year, a new organised you? I dunno, but what I do know is that I’ve been loving using the following journals / bullet books.. My mind certainly feels less chaotic and my mental health has greatly appreciated the daily prompts that each book provides. After all it’s not always easy to know what exactly to write.

Finally on this list of random favourites of the month is….wait for it….BANANAS !! You’re probably reading this thinking “what the fuck?” I don’t care. I’ve recently fallen in love with them again and surely a love of fruit can’t really be a bad thing.

Enjoy a picture of me adding sliced banana on top of peanut butter on toast.


Let me know what you thought of this favourites post. I might just do another in February.

Oh my god !! I just realised that as a blogger I managed to do a favourites post without mentions of anything beauty or hair related.

Original content y’all !!

Follow my social media’s 😘





F**k Off Friday – Blogtober #12

Strong language included in this post. You’ve been warned.

This post is going up a little later than normal because blogtober is hard ya’ll. like I could be organised and schedule posts but what am I? A blogger?

So today I thought I’d compile a list of things that can quite frankly just fuck off. The things I just don’t have time for / do my head in. Hopefully you’ll get some enjoyment from it. I’m taking petty to a new level.

The weather
. I just can’t. It’s changing every two seconds. Whilst in comparison to the rest of the world we’ve got it pretty easy in the UK, I can’t seem to dress for it. To step outside I need to wear like six layers, yet the minute I step inside anywhere, I need to practically strip naked or risk losing a good couple pounds in sweat. 

. This one could of been included in with my above rant on the weather but seriously guys and girls, umbrellas can be lethal. Some people should have to pass a test to be be able to use one. They just stroll along with their wacking great umbrella, taking up half the pavement with no fucks given about wether they’ve just smacked some poor sod in the face. Aslong as they’re nice and dry right? Ergh. Don’t get me started on those that feel the need to drag them round the shops dripping water everywhere. There’s an umbrella stand by the door. USE IT !!

Gym twats. I’ve got a whole other post on these delightful souls that you can read here

Hospital check in huns. The people on Facebook that check into the local ER / A&E department asking for your thoughts and prayers. These same people then offer absolutely no explaination for why they’re there. Check the comments and prepare yourself for all the ‘U OK Hun?’ messages. Course they’re ok, if they were dying or seriously injured they wouldn’t be focused on Facebook. I won’t be sending my thoughts and prayers for stepping on a lego for fucks sake.

The news. Now the news is important. Sometimes social media doesn’t tell you everything you need to know. Unfortunately though, it’s just so damn miserable. I propose they start having a good news section after they’ve talked about all the serious and depressing shit. Positive and happy stories that restore your faith in humanity and make your heart sing.

Fashion. Winter’s coming and whilst I get the aesthetic of cut out shoulders and elbows. It ain’t gonna keep me warm. Suspender / thong jeans ? Unless you mean opaque black leggings I ain’t interested. Oh and why do crop tops cost more than normal length tops? It’s less material. Fashion logic. A subject I could rant about for ages. 

This is only a short post. There’s honestly so many more thing I could rant about but I don’t have the time or energy to rant about them all.

Let me know about something that’s wound you up lately. Oh and if you like my content, why not give it a like or hit the follow button.



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Gymshark Flex VS Seamless – Blogtober #2

There are a million and one blog posts and YouTube videos about Gymshark products, all by people far more qualified than me. (I.e. Actual fitness gurus / bloggers)

Sometimes though, it’s nice to have the opinion of a regular joe. Something I really struggled to find when researching these holy grail leggings before purchase.

Gymshark are a brand celebrating their 5th birthday this year and incase you couldn’t work it out from the name, they specialise in gym wear. Instagram is full of the most gorgeous girls repping the brand and their most highly talked about leggings.

Are they really as great as all these fitness buffs make out? What if you aren’t in the gym everyday? 

I decided to bite the bullet and make a purchase.

The Gymshark flex leggings are one of Gymshark’s most popular products. They come in a variety of colours, of which I bought four. I had a few problems with shipping, that I want to put down / hope were due to the fact I purchased them on a restock / new release date. However when they arrived all was forgiven and it’s pretty easy to see why these are a cult favourite for so many.

The flex leggings do something that the majority of leggings on the market don’t. They contour your body shape. I should of really taken a picture of these on but didn’t get around to it. Trust me though, you don’t need to be a fitness guru to look in these. Thick, comfortable and fashionable, you can certainly get away with wearing these around town, round the house, anywhere you’d wear any other pair of leggings. Oh and of course they look great whilst working out. Get ready for that hot guy in the gym to notice you. 

Warning: Some shades are a little more squat proof than others.

At £32 they’re certainly up there, as far as leggings go. Would I buy them again?? Of course

Next I bought a pair of seamless leggings. A strong competitor for the flex. (Gymshark do sell other types of leggings. I’m just comparing the top two sellers)

Personally if you aren’t an avid gym goer and you’re just looking for an amazing pair of leggings to wear everyday. This is the type to go for. Yes the flex are great for everyday too but out of the two these are my favourite.

First off these have a more subtle contour. Certainly not as obvious as the flex, but it’s still there and making that ass pop. Whilst it still has the Gymshark logo present, it’s again not as obviously visible. The biggest difference between the two? The seamless are high waisted !!!

I find the high waisted point of these soooo much more flattering for my short assed, slightly chubby body shape. 

More expensive than the flex, retailing for £40, but depending on what you want them for (the gym or nah). They may just be saving up for. 

So yes.. I guess the hype is real. Why not get yourself a pair and join the Instagram trend too. They also sell matching sports bras.

Love Charlotte


Some images are my own, some are from the Gymshark website.