We’re grown ups now (possibly)

When we were kids we couldn’t wait to grow up, leave school and start our lives. Only now as a fully fledged adult (in the eyes of the government and law) I can’t help but think my childhood went by far to quick.

Wouldn’t it be nice to go back to the days where who you were gonna play with at break time, or sit next to in math we’re the biggest problems in life. Bills and taxes weren’t in our vocabulary and relationships started with a note featuring a tick box option then ended with another note less than a week later.

Whilst in terms of fundamental life skills I was prepared for being an adult. There’s a bunch of stuff you can’t be or just weren’t prepared for, well at least in my case. (I can’t be the only one right?)

Let me share a few of them in this post

Heartbreak- Ok whilst a lot of people feel heartbreak for the first time as an adolescent. It’s not something you’re ever prepared for, both then and as an adult.

Chronic Illness- Either being diagnosed yourself or watching a family member become ill. Everyone thinks it’ll never happen to them. Unfortunately it has to happen to someone.

Taxes- Whilst we grow up knowing the basics, nothing prepares you for looking at your very first payslip where the government automatically takes 20%. Yep if you work a 5 day week, essentially you’re working at least 1 of those days for money you’ll never see. Oh and the more you earn the more they take.

Banking / Finance In General- Absolute basics that I certainly never learnt from school. Credit cards, loans, APR, PPI (wtf???). How do I manage debt? Adultings hard.

Bills- Whilst I knew about bills and had a rough idea of what bills were involved with living independently. I speak to so many people my own age who genuinely didn’t know utilities such as water weren’t free.

The Loss Of A Parent- The natural order of things suggests that at some point we’re all going to witness and grieve the loss of a parent. It’s something you can never be prepared for.

Relationships / Partnerships- As an adult relationships can be a little more complicated than dating your childhood sweetheart. Throw in a jealous ex, 2 kids each with previous partners and some emotional issues. It’s not easy. When do you fight for someone? When do you let go? What’s an abusive relationship?

Yeah life can be difficult at times, but adulthood is just something we have to navigate. Through the twists and turns, ups and downs we keep on moving forward. Let’s face it we can’t go backwards.

I’ve just realised this post doesn’t seem overly positive. Don’t forget all the awesome parts of being an adult. Alcohol, sex, independence.

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Adulting, what’s something you weren’t prepared for?

Let me know.

Love Charlotte


My laptop unfortunately gave up on life. The WordPress app then decided it wasn’t having it either on both my iPad and phone, which kinda sucked. It’s taken until now to find a way to upload anything. I hate that it’s been almost a month since I last posted.
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How Tattoos Increased My Confidence

Grab a cuppa, get comfy, because this is something I’ve wanted to share for a little while. Whilst the topic is primarily about tattoos, it’s not aimed at just those with tattoos.

Getting asked about my tattoos is a regular occurrence, both when live streaming and in real life. They’ve always been a great ice breaker when meeting and talking to new people, plus on the whole, generally people are very complimentary.

Of course, on the flip side there’s always a few negative comments / judgemental toned questions too.

“Why did you ruin your skin like that?”

“What do your parents think?”

“Tattoos aren’t very feminine, they definitely look better on males”

“Do they actually mean anything?”

“I’m sure you were so pretty before you did that”

Don’t even get me started on those people who think they’re entitled to just grab or touch your arm / leg (insert body part here) etc, in order to admire / judge your artwork. *Serious eye roll / face palm.*

The reasons people get tattoos are as varied as tattoos themselves. Some have a deep meaning or sentimental reasons for getting some ink done, others simply think a certain design is aesthetically pleasing. In this post I thought I’d share a long story short version of the meaning behind my own artwork.

I don’t really remember developing a love for ink. It just kinda happened. Whilst I’d had the odd piercing growing up, the moment I got my first tattoo I knew it wouldn’t be my last.

Growing up I struggled majorly with my mental health. I spent the majority of my teen years in and out of hospital desperately trying to gain some control over my eating disorder and self harming behaviour. Eventually at the age of 17 I was detained under the mental health act and forced to undertake intense treatment. It was only as I was deep in to recovery that I truly began to comprehend the damage I was doing / had done to myself. I’d essentially cut myself to shreds. The scars a constant reminder of the past.

I think I got the idea watching an episode of Miami Ink, or something similar. A young woman who’d also struggled with self harm was having a sleeve tattooed in order to cover up the scars. Through getting inked she was turning a really painful part of her life into something beautiful… I knew that was what I wanted too.

So at 18 I got my first tattoo and the rest as they say is history. Whilst I don’t have a sleeve, I’ve got a fair few individual pieces that take up some space. If you’re up close you can still see the scars underneath but very few people get that up close and personal.

Each individual piece has some sort of meaning. Whether it’s in memory of a friend or family member, a favourite quote or just something that means something to me.

I personally feel like my ink has increased my confidence. They’re a part of me and at this point I couldn’t imagine not having them.

So when people say I’ve ruined my skin or how I must have been so pretty before I got them done. The temptation to slap them is real because I know damn well my skin was ruined beforehand.

I don’t feel the need to explain my tattoo story to everyone who grabs my arm and starts to ask questions or make comments. It’s totally ok to not even have a story and just have ink because you think it looks nice. No judgement here.

Oh and how about we all just stop randomly grabbing each other’s arms / legs. It’s not ok. You wouldn’t do it to someone without tattoos, so don’t do it to those of us inked up awesome people. Just ask nicely if you’d like to have a closer look at their artwork. Generally being polite / basic manners go a long way. Please. Thankyou.

Whether you have tattoos or not I hope you’ve enjoyed this post.

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Love Charlotte


Life isn’t about finding yourself . Life is about creating yourself.

Halloween – Blogtober #16

Wanna know what I plan on being for Halloween? Sleeping Beauty ! Tucked up in bed, wearing my PJs, not giving a single fuck. Zero fucks given over here ya’ll.
I’m gonna be totally honest and admit I just don’t get the Halloween hype. #sorrynotsorry. Maybe it’s because I’ve never been a fan of the horror genre, or maybe I’m just slow to the trend and I’ll eventually catch up to it all. Saying that though, the nightmare before Christmas is one of my favourite films soooooo, make of that what you will. Maybe it’s just sheer laziness that I’m not into it.
Halloween has only really taken off over here in the last couple of years. I went trick or treating in my younger years, but as I get older the idea of it all seems kinda messed up. I mean, we tell kids all year round not to talk to or accept things from strangers, but one night of the year we’re all fuck it, go knock on strangers doors and ask for sweets / candy.

I’m 100% over it !! Can we just skip to bonfire night and Christmas please?? 

Admitidly I do love dressing up, and being the one handing out the sweets is more my thing, but still… All year round I jump at unexpected knocks on the door and to be happy about it one day a year seems kinda messed up.

I realise I sound a total spoil sport. It’s just not for me, but that doesn’t mean I don’t want others to enjoy it. Young kids in fancy dress… eeek the cuteness of it all. Yeah one day when I have my own children I just know I’m gonna have a change of heart on this kinda stuff.

This year though? Don’t ask me what I’m dressing up as or what my plans are. I just don’t care.

A short post? Yes but one I’ve wanted to write for like, the last week.




20 Things I’ve learnt in my 20’s (So Far) – Blogtober #7

The title of this post is pretty self explanatory really. As we grow up we realise there’s certain things our parents were right about. Or certain life lessons that are far more valuable than any algebra class.

So without further a due I present to you twenty things I’ve learnt throughout my twenties. (So far, I mean I’m only 26)

  • Very few people actually know what they’re doing in life.
  • It’s fine to say no sometimes.
  • Most of the things you worried about as a teenager don’t matter anymore.
  • Giving feels just as good as receiving.
  • If it doesn’t make you happy or benefit you in some way. What’s the point?
  • You’ll never regret saving money.
  • All those times your parents lectured you on budgeting. You’ll wish you’d listened.
  • Being irresponsible is sometimes ok too.
  • You’ll realise all those times you hated your parents, they were doing what they thought was best.
  • Health and happiness are the most important things in life.
  • Balance is key.
  • Having a few close friends is better than having a load of rubbish ones.
  • Trust your gut instinct.
  • Actually giving up is sometimes ok.
  • Adulting is hard.
  • Life really is too short
  • Sleep is amazing. 
  • It’s not big or clever to drink or take drugs four times a week. The hangover / comedown isn’t worth it.
  • Self care is a must.
  • If you need help ask for it. No good will come of struggling alone.

The powerpuff girl pic has no relevance to the post whatsoever except as a child I watched them and in my twenties I turned myself into one.

Anything you’ve learnt that you wish to share?