Pills, Apps & Adidas – February Faves

There’s been a few things I’ve been loving in the month of February. Let’s just jump straight in.

Instagram Stories

Late to the game as always (plus I used to be a hardcore snapchat fan) I’ve recently fallen in love with the Instagram stories feature. In fact in case you haven’t noticed, what I tend to do is take the actual pic on Snapchat and then upload it to IG, add the stickers, location, etc.

Recently I haven’t done anything particularly Insta worthy. However the stories feature allows me to regularly update my audience with slightly more ‘real’ snapshots. The stuff I wouldn’t necessarily want permanently on my feed.

Check it all out at www.instagram.com/charlottedebs

Pill Mate

Having recently had an overhaul of my medication regime. I’ve been finding it rather difficult to keep track of what to take and when. Not only that but sometimes I take my tablets only to then forget wether I’ve taken them or not, and then take them again.

I recently bought a handy organiser by the brand pill mate, from Superdrug, for around £13. A whole week of clearly labelled compartments, with easy to access sliding windows and a flip open cover to keep everything sealed and safe.

Money well spent.

Here’s a link to one on Amazon UK https://www.amazon.co.uk/Shantys-Pillmate-maxi-multi-dose/dp/B006EHY50O

*Not Sponsored or an Affiliate link, I just love the product

Pandora Jewellery

Hey I’m basic. I own way too much pandora Jewellery as it is. Did I own the rose gold bracelet though? No. Well now I do. Plus some beautiful new charms too.It’s gonna sit pretty on my wrist next to the other two bracelets I own. Every charm a memory, occasion or sentiment. I’m not sorry in the slightest.AdidasMy January faves contained a super comfortable Jack Wills hoodie and this month I’m including a super girly and fun Adidas one.Ok, so technically it arrived in March thanks to the snow. I bought it in February though so it still counts right? It’s definitely more of a statement piece. Printed and pretty pastel for spring. It’s also on the thinner side so definitely one for when the weather warms up a little. I haven’t managed to get a decent pic of myself in it yet, sorry you’ll have to make do with a stock image.Pancakes & ValentinesIt’s was a month of food and love, that even myself as a single Pringle managed to find joy in. My Grandad turned out to be the only valentine I needed (also the only person sweet enough to give me a card). Plus who doesn’t love pancake day? Pancakes are awesome. Especially smothered in Nutella and strawberries. Of course the presentation might need work. It tasted amazing though. Weight watchers what? Where? Who?What did you love in the month of love?Let me knowCharlotte xxx


Becky With The Good Hair – Blogtober #19

I’m not Becky, but I do love, when I can be bothered, to have my hair looking good. My hair is something I’ve always prided myself on always making an effort with, even when I’m feeling at my worst.

There’s a few products I see as absolute essentials in making that happen. Today I’m going to share them with you.

Dry Shampoo. This is my number one must have product. It’s honestly hard to imagine how I coped in the days before its existence. Pictured are two of my favourites from completely different ends of the price scale. One from Morroccan Oil and the other is Schwartzkopf Got2Be that I bought from Primark for around £2. Both are amazing. Another of my favourites (and everybody else’s) that unfortunately I couldn’t find for a pic is Batiste. Dry shampoo is great for adding volume and texture, as well as being a life saver on days where you just couldn’t be bothered to actually wash your hair.

The Moroccan Oil Root Boost  is another of my favourite high end products. Perfect for adding that extra volume quickly, without a ton of product.

Shampoo & Conditioner. Now these are the products that I tend to switch up in my routine the most. I just can’t seem to find a tried and true. Pictured is what I’m currently using, the Mark Hill MiracOILous Duo.

Olaplex. This is truely gods gift to coloured / bleached hair. Definitely worth splurging for when at your salon and if you can buy some for use at home then even better. I like to use as a hair mask once a week.

A Blow dry spray / heat protectant. This one from KMS California is an absolute must if you have super thick hair like myself. It claims to cut blow drying time by almost 50% !! From personal experience I can vouch that it certainly makes a massive difference. Anything that speeds up the time spent battling with a hair dryer, is a win in my books.

I plan to do a separate post on hair tools and electrical items. Is it just me that’s not a fan of super long blog posts? I just don’t have the attention span to read or write them.

What’s your must have hair product?



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My Top 5 Favourite Sneakers – Blogtober #8

Sneakers / trainers / kicks, whatever you want to call them I’m a massive fan. Athleisure and sneakers are having a trendy moment right now and have increased massively in popularity over the years. Once the uniform of the local morning jogger or avid gym goer, they’re just as likely to be seen on the feet of some trendy twenty odd year old out to lunch with the girls. 

It’s not hard to understand their increase in popularity. They’re unbelievably comfortable, fashionable and most of all practical. More than what can be said for those rediculous heels you’ve worn once, will never wear again but just HAD to have. 

As a collector I have far more pairs of trainers than necessary and I’m not sorry in the slightest. However it meant narrowing them down to my top five, worth buying, worth the money, most comfortable was more than a little difficult.

I’ve decided not to go into too much detail on each pair as it would make this post crazy long. So look forward to more sneaker related bits in the future.
My 5 Favourite Pairs Of Sneakers

Reebok Classics – £40 – £60
If you’re going to buy a pair, buy the white. I would of included a picture of my white ones but they’re absolutely filthy.

Adidas Superstars – around £60

I’m sure everyone seen a pair of these before.

Adidas Ultraboost – £110

The best trainers for working out in and certainly the most comfortable. 

Puma Fierce – £70

Slip on, slip off, amazingly comfortable and available in a variety of colours

Adidas NMDs – £100

These are rediculously popular at the moment. New colour release fly off the shelf super quick. Sooo comfy and worth every penny
As you can tell, trainers / sneakers aren’t exactly cheap. I’d definitely recommend waiting for a sale, except in the case of NMDs where waiting may mean you miss out. Some pairs are better for the gym and some are better for day to day wear. Like I said I’ll include more details / a full review for each pair in a future post.
What are you rocking on your feet right now?




My Music Tastes – Blogtober #6

In every livestream I do, I know I’m going to be asked certain questions.

“How old are you?” 

“Where are you from?”

Pretty standard right? Another question I’m regularly asked is, can you guess ??

“What sort of music are you into?”

Apparently the playlist of tunes I have playing in the background of each stream doesn’t give away the answer. To put it in simple terms I listen to a real mix. Pop, pop rock, dance, edm, drum and bass, jazz. There’s probably a little something that fits into every genre on my Spotify.

For today’s post, in order to satisfy everyone’s curiosity, I thought I’d share five of my favourite tracks to listen to right now.

For some reason the original version of this song is everywhere right now. I assume it was featured in a film recently or something. I love this remix. It’s more of a dance / club vibe and a lot more lively than the original. I dread to think how many ‘sexytime’ playlists the original is on. If you hear it next time you’re at your latest tinder dates house. You know it’s going down.

I’d never heard of Phil Good and if I’m honest I haven’t listened to any of his other music. I first heard this playing in the background of a Nikki Blacketter workout video and immediately fell in love. An under rated track for sure and I’d deffo recommend checking it out. An ideal tune for blasting whilst getting over a break up. You know, after you’ve done the crying your eyes out thing.

 Cardi B is taking the rap world by storm. This is catchy as fuck. Wether she’s a one hit wonder or carries on running the scene I’m here for it. I watched her perform this on the Wendy Williams Show and she certainly knows how to rock the stage. You know how some people sound amazing in recordings and then you see them live and it’s just a mess. Yeah, that’s not the case here.

Trisha Paytas is my guilty pleasure. I’ve been following her for years and could quite happily bing watch her YouTube channel for hours. She’s certainly more well known / mainstream since her stint on Celebrity Big Brother UK and it’s great to see her success. Some of her music can be seen as trolling or taking the mick other tracks like Phoenix, Freaky and Warrior are genuine tunes worthy of radio play. Trisha isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but if you’re a fan of her videos her music is worth checking out.

Another track I fell in love with after hearing it in the background of a vlog. It’s not just giving off LA Vibes but summer vibes too. A chilled out chorus and upbeat verse, I could quite happily play this on repeat for hours at a time. I haven’t checked out any other tracks from Abstract but feel like maybe I should. Possibly the most ‘mainstream’ track on this list. It wouldn’t be out of place in the top 40. I imagine Abstract would be a great band to see live. I could see them being popular on the festival scene. Of all the songs mentioned in this post, this is the one I’d recommend you go listen too first. You’ll love it. I know I do.

I hope this post gives you a better idea of what music I like. No doubt if you join one of my live broadcasts you’ll hear one or two of them in the background. I play a mix because I truly listen to a real mix. It also keeps the audience happy. I don’t think anyone would be happy if I just played one artist throughout.

Want to join me in a livestream? Scan the image below to check out my profile.

What’s your favourite track right now? 




My 5 Favourite Lip Products – Blogtober #5

I’m no beauty blogger or makeup artist, but I do love makeup. In particular I love a good lipstick. Surveys have shown that 65% of women wear lipstick daily and 25% wouldn’t feel comfortable leaving the house without it. So I’m certainly not alone in my love.

In today’s post I’m going to share my 5 favourite lippys.

Mac Cosmetics – Ruby Woo 

Are you surprised?? Probably not. Ruby Woo resides in most beauty babes collections. A staple with a reputation. This was actually the very first lipstick I bought from mac. The reason I bought it? Internet hype. I mean all these youtubers couldn’t possibly be wrong. 

Buying my very first Mac lipstick was overwhelming to tell the truth. I don’t live near a counter so ordering online was my only option. Starting at £15 they’re definitely a treat and I desperately didn’t want to buy something I’d end up hating.  This is the exact shade I think of when someone mentions a ‘red lip’. It’s a colour that look great on any skin tone and is comfortable to wear. It’s cool blue undertones also add a teeth whitening aspect. 

Not sure where to start with Mac lippys? Start with Ruby Woo. You won’t regret it.

Mac Cosmetics – Matte Royal

I promise this post isn’t Mac, mac, mac. 

Now this admitidly isn’t an everyday kinda shade, unless you’re super brave. It’s also not going to be for everyone. Yet it’s still one of my absolute favourites. Rocking this bold blue lip, with the blue streaks in my hair. I truely feel like a bad ass. A fun look for filming in or wearing on a night out. 

YSL – Rouge Volupte 1
My everyday go too. In my opinion YSL’s lip products are massively under rated. This is the most used lipstick I own. A your own lips but better shade, this goes with absolutely everything. It’s also super moisturising.

Expensive? Yes. Worth it? Yes. Especially if it’s going to end up an everyday essential in your makeup routine. The only down side is that it’s not the longest lasting. However you’ll feel like you’re living a life of luxury when you pull this baby out of your bag to re apply. Isn’t the packaging just beautiful?

YSL – Volupte Tint In Balm 11

Another YSL beauty. One of their newest releases, this is more of a balm. It offers a sheer layer of moisturising colour, that’s buildable and easy to wear.

Seeing the initial colour in the tube I was a little wary. I honestly didn’t think I’d get much use out of it. I’m so glad the colour applies sheer and can be customised to create the look you’re wishing to achieve. I love wearing this on days that I can’t be bothered with a full face of makeup. Its no makeup makeup down to a tea. Enough to stop my lips looking dull and dry. Not enough to coat my lips in colour. My lips look healthy, plump and moisturised. A favourite to chuck in my bag for the morning after any unexpected sleepovers 😉

Jouer Cosmetics – Lip Topper Frostbite

GLITTER IS EVERYWHERE !! And my lips are no exception. Unfortunately the picture doesn’t really do the product justice. (Note to self: maybe do swatches in future)

So this isn’t technically a lipstick. Although it can be worn alone. It’s actually designed as a lip topper. Lip toppers have been everywhere over the last few months and it’s not hard to see why they’re so popular. Apply your chosen lipstick as normal then swipe a coat of this glittery goodness over the top for that wow factor. Available in a wide variety of colours it can sometimes be a little hard to know what to choose.

This is my favourite because it’s exactly the shade I think of when I think sparkly lips. It goes with absolutely every lipstick you can think of. I have no idea how they get so much sparkle in one tube, but they do. If you can only afford to get one glitter lip topper, this is the one to go for.

I’ve just realised this post contains only high end items. Sorry loves. I have no doubt that there are some amazing drugstore lip products out there. It just so happens that none of them are my favourite.

Did any of your favourite lipsticks make my top 5 ??

My favourite place to buy high end makeup is debenhams. If you shop through quidco you can earn cashback on every purchase, not just here but at thousands of other retailers too. You can also earn £10 just for signing up. Check it out here*

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Love Charlotte


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Gymshark Flex VS Seamless – Blogtober #2

There are a million and one blog posts and YouTube videos about Gymshark products, all by people far more qualified than me. (I.e. Actual fitness gurus / bloggers)

Sometimes though, it’s nice to have the opinion of a regular joe. Something I really struggled to find when researching these holy grail leggings before purchase.

Gymshark are a brand celebrating their 5th birthday this year and incase you couldn’t work it out from the name, they specialise in gym wear. Instagram is full of the most gorgeous girls repping the brand and their most highly talked about leggings.

Are they really as great as all these fitness buffs make out? What if you aren’t in the gym everyday? 

I decided to bite the bullet and make a purchase.

The Gymshark flex leggings are one of Gymshark’s most popular products. They come in a variety of colours, of which I bought four. I had a few problems with shipping, that I want to put down / hope were due to the fact I purchased them on a restock / new release date. However when they arrived all was forgiven and it’s pretty easy to see why these are a cult favourite for so many.

The flex leggings do something that the majority of leggings on the market don’t. They contour your body shape. I should of really taken a picture of these on but didn’t get around to it. Trust me though, you don’t need to be a fitness guru to look bomb.com in these. Thick, comfortable and fashionable, you can certainly get away with wearing these around town, round the house, anywhere you’d wear any other pair of leggings. Oh and of course they look great whilst working out. Get ready for that hot guy in the gym to notice you. 

Warning: Some shades are a little more squat proof than others.

At £32 they’re certainly up there, as far as leggings go. Would I buy them again?? Of course

Next I bought a pair of seamless leggings. A strong competitor for the flex. (Gymshark do sell other types of leggings. I’m just comparing the top two sellers)

Personally if you aren’t an avid gym goer and you’re just looking for an amazing pair of leggings to wear everyday. This is the type to go for. Yes the flex are great for everyday too but out of the two these are my favourite.

First off these have a more subtle contour. Certainly not as obvious as the flex, but it’s still there and making that ass pop. Whilst it still has the Gymshark logo present, it’s again not as obviously visible. The biggest difference between the two? The seamless are high waisted !!!

I find the high waisted point of these soooo much more flattering for my short assed, slightly chubby body shape. 

More expensive than the flex, retailing for £40, but depending on what you want them for (the gym or nah). They may just be saving up for. 

So yes.. I guess the hype is real. Why not get yourself a pair and join the Instagram trend too. They also sell matching sports bras.

Love Charlotte


Some images are my own, some are from the Gymshark website. 


A long way off perfect teeth

I have really bad teeth and that’s no secret.It’s the number one thing people comment on in livestreams. No matter how many times I ask people nicely not to mention it, the YouTube comment section will anyway. It’s embarrassing to be honest, and if I could magically fix them over night I would.

Long story short, my rubbish teeth are a side effect of years of opiate use. No one ever mentioned how badly they could be affected by the heavy use of painkillers.

I’ve been documenting my journey of getting my teeth fixed right from the beginning and it definitely hasn’t been easy, cheap or pain free. I really wish it was though.

Every social media influencer out there seems to have promoted a teeth whitening kit at some point. If it’s not that then it’s clip on veneers. 80% of the people promoting these products have a perfect smile in the first place. I’m a long way off finishing my perfect smile journey that’s for sure. However I really wanted to share a couple of things that have really helped me to see an improvement lately.

So I bought this toothbrush a few months ago and for me personally it was a total game changer. First of all as far as electric toothbrushes go it’s a bargain. It’s RRP is £89.99 but Boots often have great deals and sales on electricals, so in the end I paid £59.99. I’m aware that’s not cheap, but a good toothbrush can cost you £100+

I love the different heads as it allows you to get right in between the teeth where all that nasty plaque normally builds up. The thing that’s made the most difference to me personally is the fact it has three different modes. Normal, sensitive and pulse. When I first started this journey I found brushing quite painful, especially around the gums. Starting on sensitive mode really helped. I’ve heard a few people say they’ve given up on their perfect smile journey purely because they can’t get past the good brushing stage, as it’s just too sore.

The timer is also a good feature, as instead of purely beeping at two minutes like a lot of brushes. It beeps in thirty second intervals to let you know when to move to another quarter of your mouth. At least now I know all of my teeth are getting an equal clean.

So finding these gems were totally by chance. In that my usual toothpaste was sold out and I decided to give these a go.

One is a regular toothpaste so not too much I need to say about it. The other a whitening accelerator which I use twice a day for two minutes, directly after using my toothpaste. The difference was noticeable within three days.

I honestly can’t see myself going back to my old toothpaste. I could barely believe how much my teeth had improved and so quickly.

Like I said, my teeth are a long way off being perfect and it’s going to be many more hours in the dentist chair before they are. At least now though I know they’re getting a good clean and being looked after the best I can. I won’t be flashing a smile at everyone quite yet, but I do feel a lot happier with them.

No Instagram model endorsed gels and lights needed.

Charlotte xxx