Pills, Apps & Adidas – February Faves

There’s been a few things I’ve been loving in the month of February. Let’s just jump straight in.

Instagram Stories

Late to the game as always (plus I used to be a hardcore snapchat fan) I’ve recently fallen in love with the Instagram stories feature. In fact in case you haven’t noticed, what I tend to do is take the actual pic on Snapchat and then upload it to IG, add the stickers, location, etc.

Recently I haven’t done anything particularly Insta worthy. However the stories feature allows me to regularly update my audience with slightly more ‘real’ snapshots. The stuff I wouldn’t necessarily want permanently on my feed.

Check it all out at www.instagram.com/charlottedebs

Pill Mate

Having recently had an overhaul of my medication regime. I’ve been finding it rather difficult to keep track of what to take and when. Not only that but sometimes I take my tablets only to then forget wether I’ve taken them or not, and then take them again.

I recently bought a handy organiser by the brand pill mate, from Superdrug, for around £13. A whole week of clearly labelled compartments, with easy to access sliding windows and a flip open cover to keep everything sealed and safe.

Money well spent.

Here’s a link to one on Amazon UK https://www.amazon.co.uk/Shantys-Pillmate-maxi-multi-dose/dp/B006EHY50O

*Not Sponsored or an Affiliate link, I just love the product

Pandora Jewellery

Hey I’m basic. I own way too much pandora Jewellery as it is. Did I own the rose gold bracelet though? No. Well now I do. Plus some beautiful new charms too.It’s gonna sit pretty on my wrist next to the other two bracelets I own. Every charm a memory, occasion or sentiment. I’m not sorry in the slightest.AdidasMy January faves contained a super comfortable Jack Wills hoodie and this month I’m including a super girly and fun Adidas one.Ok, so technically it arrived in March thanks to the snow. I bought it in February though so it still counts right? It’s definitely more of a statement piece. Printed and pretty pastel for spring. It’s also on the thinner side so definitely one for when the weather warms up a little. I haven’t managed to get a decent pic of myself in it yet, sorry you’ll have to make do with a stock image.Pancakes & ValentinesIt’s was a month of food and love, that even myself as a single Pringle managed to find joy in. My Grandad turned out to be the only valentine I needed (also the only person sweet enough to give me a card). Plus who doesn’t love pancake day? Pancakes are awesome. Especially smothered in Nutella and strawberries. Of course the presentation might need work. It tasted amazing though. Weight watchers what? Where? Who?What did you love in the month of love?Let me knowCharlotte xxx


”Tis the season to be lonely – Blogmas #6

Yesterday I mentioned, right at the end of my tag post, a little about how hard this time of year could be for some people.

While the majority of us are in shop till we drop mode, preparing to stuff our faces and gearing ourselves up for the endless stream of visiting family / friends. It’s important to remember that not everyone is fortunate enough to have a happy holiday.

Wether due to losing a partner, not having family, illness or homelessness, so many will wake up Christmas morning alone. So many will go without the hot meal that so many of us look forward to.

Please look out for elderly family members, neighbours that may be on their own. Take a few hours out of your own festive fun to make sure others are having a good day too. I honestly can’t think of anything worse than being on my own at this time of year. Luckily I’ve such a big close family that sometimes the chance to be alone would be a fine thing.

If you’re on your own this Christmas, maybe check what’s on in your local area. You could arrange to meet up with someone else who’s alone. Check out local church or community groups for a hot lunch or consider volunteering.

If you’re really struggling and need someone to talk to. The Samaritans are available 24 hours a day 365 days a year.


Or call 116 123 (UK and ROI)

I hope everyone has a happy holiday, whatever your situation.



chronic illness

Chronic Illness Gift Guide – Blogmas #4

Forever one to create original content, I’ve decided to jump on the bandwagon and create a gift guide. Not any old gift guide but one containing some idea for the chronically awesome chronically sick person in your life.

Before I dive straight into the list I really must stress that us ill folk have interests outside of, you know, being ill. So if you know them well enough it’s probably best to go down that route and choose a more personal present. This is just my top five safe bets I know I personally, as well as many other illness warriors would be happy to receive.


Speaking for myself. I’m 90% sure I own more PJs rather than actual clothes. At least I definitely feel like I wear them more often. A nice pair of pajamas is a lovely treat and not something people often think of buying for themselves. A pretty safe bet and a present that you can splurge on or still get on a budget.

Hot Water Bottle / Warmer

As the weather gets colder and being someone who suffers with random aches and pains, there’s nothing I love more than being tucked up cuddling a hot water bottle or warmer. Whether you prefer a traditional bottle you fill with hot water from the kettle, or a microwaveable teddy, there’s a wide variety of gift sets out in the shops at the moment. I’d recommend the noozie, a rechargeable heat pack that stays warmer for longer than a hot water bottle, is easy and quick to use.


A gift card

This may not sound that interesting. However I love nothing more than internet shopping. It’s even better when somebody else is paying for it. Not only have you given someone the potential to buy exactly what they want for Christmas. You’ve also bought the gift of something to keep me entertained for a couple of hours.

Pillows / Cushions / Fairy Lights

I spend a lot of time in my bed, therefore it being comfy and cozy is really important to me. Who doesn’t love cute cushions and twinkling lights?


Socks / Hats / Scarfs / Gloves

Us sick folk get cold. There’s tons of cute gift sets containing these items around. I can never have too many pairs of socks and you can guarantee that if I have to step outside in the less than warm months, I’m gonna be wrapped up in enough scarfs and cozy material, that I could quite easily be mistaken for a ski resort guest.

Let me know what you’ve asked for this Christmas





Oh Christmas Tree – Blogmas #3

Every year we make the family outing to choose a Christmas tree. This years been no different. I feel like it was done a little earlier in december than usual, but the end result was a perfectly good tree bought slightly bigger than the room it was intended to go in, and requiring some good old saw action to cut it down to size.

Incase you haven’t already worked it out, yes we got a real tree. Different families have different traditions, different colour themes. We went, as my brother would say, abstract. In other words we got a massive green tree chosen by a three year old. Then we entrusted said three year old with the help of another three year old to decorate it. The temptation to re do it after they went to bed was real y’all.

I’ll be in charge of decorating my own black artificial tree. Complete with turquoise baubles. No sense of abstract here.

I have to admit it was fun though, seeing the start of Christmas through my nephews eyes. They’ve already mastered the art of stealing the chocolate decorations when they think no ones looking.

We even have random penguin and owl lights .

Every year I see endless posts by people showing of their perfectly assembled and decorated front rooms and trees. There’s no denying they look amazing. However, I think ours is better, mainly because it was made with the love and excitement of a couple of three year old boys, rather than perfectionist adults.

The setting up of the tree and seeing the lights has really got me into the Christmas spirit. Even if the festive season seems to arrive a little earlier each year, it’s difficult to stay bah humbug for long.

Have you got your tree up yet?




It’s Blogmas !! Day #1

Welcome back to blogmas guys !! There’s not been a lot happening on here in November, mainly cuz blogtober was a mission and I needed a bit of a break to be fair. Hit the follow button and have a browse of my social media because everyday from now until Christmas Day there’s gonna be brand spanking new content…. Yay!!

I’m not sure how many of y’all can relate but being a single, childless adult, Christmas doesn’t really seem all that exciting. However I’m blessed to have a large family full of tiny humans who are just starting to experience the magic of this festive season for the first time. It’s because of them, that I’m looking forward to a couple of things. In no real order….

  • Elf on the shelf
  • Picking out the Christmas tree
  • Decorating the tree
  • Food
  • Taking the little ones to see santa for the first time
  • More food
  • Advent Calenders
  • Christmas Movies
  • Cosy PJs
  • Leaving a drink and mince pie out for Santa on Christmas Eve. (Don’t forget something for the reindeer)
  • Explaining how Father Christmas delivers all the presents
  • Building a Gingerbread house

None of this as a single adult really interests me, apart from food and cozy pjs, but I honestly can’t wait.

This year I’m also lucky enough to manage to blag 2 Christmas lunches, one on xmas eve and one Christmas Day …. Yes I love food.

What are you most looking forward too?




Saving Money – Blogtober #15

Managing your money is hard. It’s even harder when you don’t have any. When you’ve got more outgoings than you do money coming in. It’s a really shitty situation to be in. 

I truely believe budgeting and money management should be taught in schools. The amount of young people getting themselves into debt or having to declare themselves bankrupt, is just shocking.

Debt can really get you down. The anxiety and worry of Baliffs turning up at the door is something no one should have to deal with. Even if you manage to avoid getting yourself into debt, saving seems impossible for so many. I mean, the property ladder seems a distant dream for so many, and it shouldn’t be that way.

So how do you go about saving money? There’s a million tips and articles online but here I’m going to share a couple that have worked for me personally

A change jar – I’m sure so any homes up and down the country / world wide have a jar they fill up with loose change. 2p’s etc. Why not start filling it with more than coppers? I put all pound coins in a jar. It adds up fast and to a good amount. Just £1 a day adds up to over £350 in a year.

Set up a standing order – Set up a transfer from your main bank account to a savings account / ISA. You won’t need to think or worry about it then, as it’s all done automatically. Would you notice if a tenner a week dissapeared ? That’s over £500 a year.

Cut down – This seems pretty obvious, but take a look at your outgoings and ask yourself if they’re all essential. Do you really watch all those TV channels? Can you cut your package down? Magazine / website subscriptions etc. Can you share and split the cost of your Netflix account?

Shopping – Got an online clothes or makeup shopping habit? Put things in your cart and leave it a couple of days. I can’t tell you how much I’ve saved doing this. It really helps cut down the impulse buys. 70% of the time when you re check your cart you decide you don’t actually need / want that lipstick or those shoes after all.

Get Cashback – I’ve mentioned Quidco a couple of times in blog posts and it’s because I genuinely love and use it. Not only does it work for shopping online but you can activate your debit / credit card so that it works on the high street too. I’ve heard a few people say it doesn’t seem worth it as the cashback rates are often below 10%, but that adds up ya’ll !! Especially if you’re using it on your daily coffee. The rates often go up, and there’s extra ways of earning rewards. I’ve personally made over £250. Go sign up here and you won’t regret it.

Rewards cards – Boots, Tesco, Nectar etc are all worth signing up for. I like to save my points up all year for Christmas shopping and it definitely helps. I know at times in can seem like they aren’t worth having but keep with it and the rewards will show. Many stores have bonus points offers throughout the year so if you can try and stock up during these times

Money Management Services – These are increasing with popularity all the time, and it’s not hard to see why. It’s like having a friend that messages you when you’re getting close to your budget / running out of money. It lets you see how much you’ve spent at individual stores and is 100% personal to you. It essentially does all the work for you. Including saving money away for a rainy day.

I hope you’ve managed to take something away from this post. Saving doesn’t have to be impossible.

What’s your top money saving tip? What are you saving for? Let me know 🙂



Fashion · Sneakers

My Top 5 Favourite Sneakers – Blogtober #8

Sneakers / trainers / kicks, whatever you want to call them I’m a massive fan. Athleisure and sneakers are having a trendy moment right now and have increased massively in popularity over the years. Once the uniform of the local morning jogger or avid gym goer, they’re just as likely to be seen on the feet of some trendy twenty odd year old out to lunch with the girls. 

It’s not hard to understand their increase in popularity. They’re unbelievably comfortable, fashionable and most of all practical. More than what can be said for those rediculous heels you’ve worn once, will never wear again but just HAD to have. 

As a collector I have far more pairs of trainers than necessary and I’m not sorry in the slightest. However it meant narrowing them down to my top five, worth buying, worth the money, most comfortable was more than a little difficult.

I’ve decided not to go into too much detail on each pair as it would make this post crazy long. So look forward to more sneaker related bits in the future.
My 5 Favourite Pairs Of Sneakers

Reebok Classics – £40 – £60
If you’re going to buy a pair, buy the white. I would of included a picture of my white ones but they’re absolutely filthy.

Adidas Superstars – around £60

I’m sure everyone seen a pair of these before.

Adidas Ultraboost – £110

The best trainers for working out in and certainly the most comfortable. 

Puma Fierce – £70

Slip on, slip off, amazingly comfortable and available in a variety of colours

Adidas NMDs – £100

These are rediculously popular at the moment. New colour release fly off the shelf super quick. Sooo comfy and worth every penny
As you can tell, trainers / sneakers aren’t exactly cheap. I’d definitely recommend waiting for a sale, except in the case of NMDs where waiting may mean you miss out. Some pairs are better for the gym and some are better for day to day wear. Like I said I’ll include more details / a full review for each pair in a future post.
What are you rocking on your feet right now?