chronic illness

Illness shouldn’t be competition

Originally, back in 2014, I got into blogging and social media as a way to share my experiences around living with chronic pain and fatigue. To, I guess relieve some of the loneliness and isolation I felt because of these things. Did it work? Did it help? Yeah of course. I suspect there are thousands who use the internet every day for those very same reasons.

The world of social media can be very simply put, split into different groups of categories/ communities. The fitness community, chronic illness community, beauty community etc

Today I want to focus on the chronic illness world.

Compared to other internet sub groups. There are some real problems within our community that you don’t really see anywhere else. For example I’ve never seen those in the beauty world exclude others for doing well in life. Yet that’s exactly what happens in the chronic illness world.

Hey you managed to go to the gym, to school, work etc. You didn’t have surgery or take a certain medication. Well, you’re not really sick then. Bye.

It’s absolute madness.

Everyone seems to forget that we’re all on different paths in life. We all have different definitions of normal, different goals etc. My normal could be another persons worst day. Similarly my worst day could be someone else’s normal.

Instead of excluding others and constantly judging. I think we really need to be more encouraging. Congratulate the person who managed to get out of bed and meet their friends today. If anything surely others struggling with illness, know how difficult something so seemingly simple can be.

Be kind. We’ve all fighting our own battles.




Freebies Don’t Pay Bills – Blogtober #3

Do you know what really winds me up? And probably 99% of other bloggers too ? The fact that people / companies seem to think we should work for free.

I mean I really appreciate your generic email you’ve sent myself and 500 others saying how great my blog is and that you’d just love to work with me. Yet we both know that what you actually want me to do, is write a detailed blog post on your product / services and include a link back to your site. In return you might pay me at some point in the future when you’ve got the budget.

Another option is you’ll be kind enough to send me the product for free in exchange for a review. Now admitidly this is slightly better than receiving fuck all. However now I feel obliged to write an ungenuine and dishonest review. In the event that I should say something that the company you work for doesn’t approve of. You’ll threaten legal action. 

I’m sure thousands of bloggers and influencers can relate.

Of course there are some amazing companies and brands out there that really look after and appreciate the blogger they work with. I’ve worked with some amazing people and know how wrong it is to put everyone in the same boat. Just like there are some not so great companies out there. Awful bloggers exist too. Those who are only interested in freebies and sponsorships. Those who really couldn’t give a shit about their readers / followers. They’re just a number after all.

How would you feel if you turned up at work tomorrow and your boss turned around and asked you to work for free. Say you were working in a restaurant and instead of paying you for your shift you were offered a meal in return. Is that free meal going to pay the rent that month? The gas? The electric?

It may sound like I’m making a big deal over nothing but the bottom line is BLOGGERS DON’T AND SHOULDNT HAVE TO WORK FOR FREE !!


Let me know your thoughts 🙂

Charlotte xxx