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Illness shouldn’t be competition

Originally, back in 2014, I got into blogging and social media as a way to share my experiences around living with chronic pain and fatigue. To, I guess relieve some of the loneliness and isolation I felt because of these things. Did it work? Did it help? Yeah of course. I suspect there are thousands who use the internet every day for those very same reasons.

The world of social media can be very simply put, split into different groups of categories/ communities. The fitness community, chronic illness community, beauty community etc

Today I want to focus on the chronic illness world.

Compared to other internet sub groups. There are some real problems within our community that you don’t really see anywhere else. For example I’ve never seen those in the beauty world exclude others for doing well in life. Yet that’s exactly what happens in the chronic illness world.

Hey you managed to go to the gym, to school, work etc. You didn’t have surgery or take a certain medication. Well, you’re not really sick then. Bye.

It’s absolute madness.

Everyone seems to forget that we’re all on different paths in life. We all have different definitions of normal, different goals etc. My normal could be another persons worst day. Similarly my worst day could be someone else’s normal.

Instead of excluding others and constantly judging. I think we really need to be more encouraging. Congratulate the person who managed to get out of bed and meet their friends today. If anything surely others struggling with illness, know how difficult something so seemingly simple can be.

Be kind. We’ve all fighting our own battles.




The Rise Of Social Media

Social media is something that was basically non existent ten years ago. Ok so some sites were in their earliest stages, but it all seemed a world away from the Snapchat, Insta, Twitter checking on the hour, every hour existence of today.

You can’t deny the positive effects. People have found long lost family members. It closes the gap in long distance relationships, friendships etc. Social media in a way, opens up a whole new world, especially to those of us who have become trapped in situations that limit how we experience the world around us, eg, illnesses, responsibilities, financial restrictions.

As a blogger / avid social media lover, the effect of social media platforms, has essentially changed my life. It’s provided my life with a purpose, reduced the feelings of loneliness and isolation and increased my confidence greatly. There’s now very little that can be said to upset me (thanks trolls). Camera shy? Not me 😉

Check my Instagram

However/but (there’s always a but) I can’t help thinking it’s not all good, well at least from my own experience and point of view. If I’m totally honest, I say my confidence has increased but only in certain situations. In, like, actual real life, I struggle. Dating, meeting new people, being social on the whole, it’s hard. Without the safety of a computer or screen, I freeze. Ten years ago that wouldn’t of been a problem. Speaking on the phone wouldn’t of been a problem either, due to the increase in texting, emails, emojis and more however, it is. I’m sure I can’t be the only person who feels it is.

I truely don’t know what the solution is. In this day and age I really don’t think throwing out the smartphones is the answer. Maybe instead of texting we could make the odd phone call. I don’t know.

Let me know your thoughts and follow the blog to keep up with upcoming content. I’ve actually got posts scheduled (shock horror 😲 lol).

Love Charlotte xxx

I’m aware my grammar is terrible. I guess that’s what happens when you drop out of school early. Sorry. I really do write as I speak. Some people love it, some hate it. Don’t let it put you off though. I promise you’ll get used to it.

13 Random Personal Questions – Blogtober #14

Blogging in general is hard and Blogtober is like the ultimate blogging challenge. Coming up with interesting content to post everyday is definitely a struggle at times. So today in a totally non original post I’m going to do a tag post. For those who don’t know tags are basically trends of questions / challenges that sweep around the internet.

Here we go.

What do I order at Starbucks?

This varies depending on the weather, my mood and what takes my fancy. If it’s hot outside then frappachinos are my go to. Coffee based not cream. Usually with sugar free caramel syrup. Alternatively I love a good caramal macchiato or white mocha. When the seasonal drinks appear I’m a total basic bitch and love a pumpkin spice latte or Peppermint mocha.

What’s one thing in my closet I couldn’t live without?

Not one thing but a collection. My sneakers / trainers for sure.  Although my Rebecca Minkoff Mini Mac handbag is a second.

What’s one thing most people don’t know about me?

How close I am to my family. Good luck trying to keep a secret, it’s near impossible. People always seem surprised that I’m totally happy hanging around with family at the weekend rather than going out and getting drunk.

What’s one thing you’d love to do before you die?

I’m going to be totally boring and say have children and then become one of those mums who’s crazy into arts and crafts and over decorating at the holidays. I know lots of people will have probably answers this question with travel, but honestly I’m not that bothered. Home is where the heart is.

A food you can’t live without?

Not a food but a drink. I couldn’t go on without a cup of tea. I’m a British stereotype in that sense. #sorrynotsorry

What’s your favourite quote?

“Life’s not a competition, we’re all in a different race” It’s so easy to compare yourself to the person next to you, it’s easy to forget we all have different starting points and obstacles in the way.

What do you like and dislike about the blogging / YouTube community?

I hate how competitive it is and how as blogs/vlogs have become more popular, and more of a money earner, people basically become walking adverts. 

I love how it connects people. I find it so hard to talk to people in ‘real life’ so having the Internet as an outlet and way of meeting others, is just amazing.

Number one song on my iPhone right now?

My Spotify is a real mix. Go check out a whole post I did on it here. I’m loving a lot of noughties tunes right now. Old Skool as they say.

How would I describe my style?

More pajamas than clothes. I’m not getting dressed unless I really have to. Comfort is my main priority.

Favourite Number?

7 !! Haha I have no idea why

Name two hobbies you have?

Does sleep count ? Um blogging / livestreaming? I have no idea what to write. Oh god is this why I’m still single?

Name two things you can’t stand?

Just two? Are you sure? I mean I have a whole post if you’re interested (here). I dunno I’m just stupidly petty and have such a short fuse at the minute.

Do you have a guilty pleasure?

The whole Teen Mom Franchise. I’m so over it yet can’t stop watching. 

So there you have it. If you fancy answering the same questions. Why not tag me so I can see.

Hope you enjoyed




YouTube Vs Livestreaming – Blogtober #11

Like many a blogger has done before and many will after, I’ve attempted to add vlogging / making videos to my forms of content. I think of bloggers as creators and don’t believe creators should be limited to expressing themselves in just one form.

For a good year or so I absolutely loved making YouTube videos. However YouTube is constantly changing, it’s not as easy to monetise your videos. More content is being flagged or deemed unsuitable for the silliest reasons. Getting viewers can be a mission. Basically the outcome isn’t always worth the effort that goes into creating the video in the first place.

Is YouTube all about money? No. In all honesty it never should be, but as I said before, you can’t deny that views and followers ARE important. If they aren’t there what’s the point?

Recently there’s been a big boom in live content. Wether on Instagram, Facebook or dedicated streaming sights such as Twitch & Younow. Switching to doing live streams, for me personally, was one of the best desicions I could of made.

No more hours spent editing away. No more lengthy set up process. Log on and your away. Sometimes, especially in the beginning it can feel a little awkward. You essentially have to feel comfortable to sit on camera and attempt to be mildly entertaining, with no option to go back and change anything. I’ve had streams where I know people are watching, but is anyone talking? Are they eck ? I’ve basically spent 45 mins to 1 hour rambling to myself. 

I love it though !! I’ve made great friends, the audience is there. I actually feel like people care about the content I put out. Not something I felt whilst uploading on YouTube.

Are YouTube and I over? Not yet. I’ll still upload every now and then. When there’s something I really have a passion for sharing. Though for now at least, Live streaming and I are fully committed.




Why I Started Blogging – Blogtober #10

Everyone has their own blogging ‘story/journey’ and today I thought I’d share a little bit of mine.

I originally started blogging in 2014. I’d been ill a long time and while bed bound the Internet had become my main contact with the outside world, as well as a constant form of entertainment. I’d been on social media a while and watched YouTube on and off. It wasn’t until 2014 that I became the fan I am of it today. I’d certainly never imagined it becoming a world I’d want to be a part of.

Illness can be quite isolating and feel quite lonely. I’d never met anyone my age with similar problems. Social media, especially Instagram really opened up my eyes. In some ways it became a lifeline and just like I’d been helped by reading and following others stories. I wondered if mine could possibly help someone else.

My Instagram Account

In June 2014 after lying awake most of the night in a painkiller induced haze. I nervously wrote my first post. It must have been about 3am when I finally hit publish. I don’t really know what I expected from it. I had genuinely no idea there were people who’d managed to make blogging a full time career. I guess from that first post, you could say the rest is history.

It’s not that exciting a story. Sorry, but it’s something I’m regularly asked about along with “What do your family think?”

Honestly I don’t remember the point my family and friends found out about my blog or social media life. They’ve always been incredibly supportive though, so I’ll assume it’s not seen as an awful thing.

I’ve no idea where this journey will take me but I’m here for it and happy enjoying the ride. For any negatives I may have experienced the positives have been ten times more. I really couldn’t imagine not blogging right now.

So many bloggers have switched to YouTube and I’ve seen a lot said recently about how no one reads blogs anymore. However I feel like that’s a whole different post.

I really hope you’ve enjoyed reading a bit of my blogging background and would love if you could hit the follow button and join the future journey with me.




My Music Tastes – Blogtober #6

In every livestream I do, I know I’m going to be asked certain questions.

“How old are you?” 

“Where are you from?”

Pretty standard right? Another question I’m regularly asked is, can you guess ??

“What sort of music are you into?”

Apparently the playlist of tunes I have playing in the background of each stream doesn’t give away the answer. To put it in simple terms I listen to a real mix. Pop, pop rock, dance, edm, drum and bass, jazz. There’s probably a little something that fits into every genre on my Spotify.

For today’s post, in order to satisfy everyone’s curiosity, I thought I’d share five of my favourite tracks to listen to right now.

For some reason the original version of this song is everywhere right now. I assume it was featured in a film recently or something. I love this remix. It’s more of a dance / club vibe and a lot more lively than the original. I dread to think how many ‘sexytime’ playlists the original is on. If you hear it next time you’re at your latest tinder dates house. You know it’s going down.

I’d never heard of Phil Good and if I’m honest I haven’t listened to any of his other music. I first heard this playing in the background of a Nikki Blacketter workout video and immediately fell in love. An under rated track for sure and I’d deffo recommend checking it out. An ideal tune for blasting whilst getting over a break up. You know, after you’ve done the crying your eyes out thing.

 Cardi B is taking the rap world by storm. This is catchy as fuck. Wether she’s a one hit wonder or carries on running the scene I’m here for it. I watched her perform this on the Wendy Williams Show and she certainly knows how to rock the stage. You know how some people sound amazing in recordings and then you see them live and it’s just a mess. Yeah, that’s not the case here.

Trisha Paytas is my guilty pleasure. I’ve been following her for years and could quite happily bing watch her YouTube channel for hours. She’s certainly more well known / mainstream since her stint on Celebrity Big Brother UK and it’s great to see her success. Some of her music can be seen as trolling or taking the mick other tracks like Phoenix, Freaky and Warrior are genuine tunes worthy of radio play. Trisha isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but if you’re a fan of her videos her music is worth checking out.

Another track I fell in love with after hearing it in the background of a vlog. It’s not just giving off LA Vibes but summer vibes too. A chilled out chorus and upbeat verse, I could quite happily play this on repeat for hours at a time. I haven’t checked out any other tracks from Abstract but feel like maybe I should. Possibly the most ‘mainstream’ track on this list. It wouldn’t be out of place in the top 40. I imagine Abstract would be a great band to see live. I could see them being popular on the festival scene. Of all the songs mentioned in this post, this is the one I’d recommend you go listen too first. You’ll love it. I know I do.

I hope this post gives you a better idea of what music I like. No doubt if you join one of my live broadcasts you’ll hear one or two of them in the background. I play a mix because I truly listen to a real mix. It also keeps the audience happy. I don’t think anyone would be happy if I just played one artist throughout.

Want to join me in a livestream? Scan the image below to check out my profile.

What’s your favourite track right now? 




Freebies Don’t Pay Bills – Blogtober #3

Do you know what really winds me up? And probably 99% of other bloggers too ? The fact that people / companies seem to think we should work for free.

I mean I really appreciate your generic email you’ve sent myself and 500 others saying how great my blog is and that you’d just love to work with me. Yet we both know that what you actually want me to do, is write a detailed blog post on your product / services and include a link back to your site. In return you might pay me at some point in the future when you’ve got the budget.

Another option is you’ll be kind enough to send me the product for free in exchange for a review. Now admitidly this is slightly better than receiving fuck all. However now I feel obliged to write an ungenuine and dishonest review. In the event that I should say something that the company you work for doesn’t approve of. You’ll threaten legal action. 

I’m sure thousands of bloggers and influencers can relate.

Of course there are some amazing companies and brands out there that really look after and appreciate the blogger they work with. I’ve worked with some amazing people and know how wrong it is to put everyone in the same boat. Just like there are some not so great companies out there. Awful bloggers exist too. Those who are only interested in freebies and sponsorships. Those who really couldn’t give a shit about their readers / followers. They’re just a number after all.

How would you feel if you turned up at work tomorrow and your boss turned around and asked you to work for free. Say you were working in a restaurant and instead of paying you for your shift you were offered a meal in return. Is that free meal going to pay the rent that month? The gas? The electric?

It may sound like I’m making a big deal over nothing but the bottom line is BLOGGERS DON’T AND SHOULDNT HAVE TO WORK FOR FREE !!


Let me know your thoughts 🙂

Charlotte xxx